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The word invokes nightmares of physical and psychological terror, absolute despair, contemptible indignities, unimaginable atrocities, total degradation, innumerable physical beatings and cold-blooded murders committed against Jews and other peoples for no reason other than their birth or their beliefs.

As a survivor of the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz/Birkenau and Dachau, I need to share my memories and nightmares of those years with future generations.

It is my hope that our civilization will never forget how a diabolical plot to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth, the so-called “Final Solution,” almost succeeded.

This book is not intended to be a definitive study of the Holocaust. Rather, it is simply a narrative of my personal experiences and recollections before, during and after one of the most tragic periods in the history of the world and serves as a reminder to future generations that absolute evil, if unchecked, can rise again.