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Editorials relating to the Holocaust are posted here. Clearly marked editorial items will appear on this web site. Those items do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Holocaust Teacher Resource Center or the Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc., nor of any sponsors.

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Op-Ed: Lessons today from Sophie Scholl’s anti-Nazi resistance

White Rose refers to a “society” of Christian, gay, German teenagers who became disenchanted with Nazi ideology and the persecution of the Jewish people.  They were not bystanders.  They created and distributed leaflets that told about the Nazi atrocities, and urged people to fight against it.  They were discovered and executed.  Today they serve as a prime example of what each individual can do.  Jud Newborn’s editorial  commemorates the 70th anniversary of the White Rose.  He is available for multimedia lectures.

Arieh Lebowitz Response to Deniers

Arieh Lebowitz, Associate Director of Jewish Labor Committee responded to Sonya Brendon of Sydney, Austrailia who questioned the existence of evidence of gas chamber that killed Holocaust victims. His response details documented sources of that evidence.

Click here to read his entire response. It is posted here with permission from Arieh Lebowitz.

Two Perspectives – both are right
by Dr. Mark Nataupsky
President, Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc.

Nataupsky’s editiorial looks at the complex issue of balancing the need to attack terrorists while preserving the rights of innocent people.

Nataupsky’s editorial “Equality, Fairness and Justice” and Netanyahu’s speech “We Are All Targets” were not responses to each other. Nataupsky believes those articles present diverse viewpoints that must be integrated into our responses to the recent terrorist attacks in America.

Equality, Fairness and Justice
by Dr. Mark Nataupsky
President, Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Nataupsky addresses the urgency and importance of treating people with equality, fairness and justice in response to the recent terrorist attacks in America. Please read this editorial to learn a practical lesson from the Holocaust that we can implement today.

Thou Shalt Not be a Bystander
by Dr. Mark Nataupsky
President, Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc.

This web site strives to combat prejudice and bigotry by transforming the horrors of the Holocaust into positive lessons to help make this a better and safer world for everybody. People are being abducted and sold into slavery, but we can and we must do something to combat it. An editorial provides both background information and a call to action

kosovo_artKosovo, Holocaust and Differences
by Dr. Mark Nataupsky
President, Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc.
Reprinted from the Daily Press
Thursday, July 29, 1999

In April 1999, a sixth-grade student’s parent asked how she should compare what was then happening in Kosovo with the Holocaust. My response was later written as an OpEd article that was published in the local paper. The text of that article is reproduced here. When we compare the two sets of events, we must remember that we are evaluating similarities and differences. In this comparison we cannot equate the events.

Some people define the Holocaust as applicable to people other than the Jews. Most scholars attribute the Holocaust to the Jewish people and recognize the other people who also were victimized by the Nazis. Two editorial pieces are presented with opposing points of view. They are presented on this site to encourage discussions among the general public as well as to provide educators with supplemental material they can use in classroom activities.

Remembering the Holocaust’s 5 Million Others
Cathloic League for Religious and Civil Rights

“Remembering the Holocaust’s 5 Million Others”
Catholic League
N.Y. Times April 23, 1999