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The Holocaust in Perspective, United States/Germany Comparison

Was the Holocaust strictly a German phenomenon, as some would like us to believe, or could it happen elsewhere? (Have genocide’s happened since?) How important is it that we carefully scrutinize and care about the leader we select? Let us return to the period of the 1930’s and compare the economic situation of the times in both the US and Germany.


  • The depression
  • Economic collapse
  • Unemployment
  • Hunger
  • Soup kitchens
  • Bread lines
  • Rise of Communism
  • anti-Semitism

Nazi Propaganda stirs up old hatred, blaming Jews for Germany ‘s hard times

  • Hurt pride – Treaty of Versailles
  • New Leader,
    ADOLF HITLER, Fuehrer
  • Inherit weak, inefficient government
  • Hitler extols physical superiority of Aryans
  • Foments hatred and scapegoating
  • Deutschland Uber Alles
  • Political indoctrination
  • Hitler Youth
  • Put people to work in ammunition factories
  • Prepares for war
  • Instills pride by blaming others
[/one_half] [one_half last]THE UNITED STATES

  • The depression
  • Economic collapse
  • Unemployment Hunger
  • Bread lines
  • Rise of Communism
  • anti-Semitism

Father Charles E. Coughlin delivers weekly anti-Semitic sermons on the radio.

  • Hamilton Fish opposes European involvement
  • New Leader,
    Franklin D. Roosevelt, President
  • Inherit weak, inefficient government
  • Roosevelt in wheelchair, stricken with polio.
  • Enacts social Reforms
  • “NEW DEAL”
  • We have nothing to fear but fear itself
  • Fair Labor Standard Act
  • Public Utility Act
  • Federal Emergency Relief
  • Civilian Conservation Corps —
    instills pride by putting people
    back to work