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The Holocaust in Perspective Teacher Manual A multi-disciplinary approach

Holocaust Projects: A multi-disciplinary approach
(submitted by Terry McAbee)

Write a poem describing either something that occurred during the Holocaust period (1933-45) or your feelings about something you have studied. You may use any style of poem – free verse, haiku, rhyming, etc. Poems must be written in ink, colored markers, or typed. They also must be illustrated (even if it is just a border.)

2. ART
Draw a picture/poster detailing either an event during the Holocaust or your feelings/impressions of what we have studied. Work must be done on unlined paper or poster board. (either 8 ½ x 11 or ½ sheet.) You may use any medium for your work.

Write and solve FIVE math problems using facts from the Holocaust. Each problem must involve at least TWO operations and may use an algebraic expression to solve. Problems must be written in ink, colored markers, or typed and must be illustrated. You also must include the solution:

Example: From 1942-1945 the Secret Annex was the hiding place for Anne, Margot, Mr. And Mrs. Frank; Peter, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan; and Dr. Deusel. Only Mr. Frank survived the war. What percentage of people from the Annex died?

Memorize a poem that was written by a person imprisoned in the camps or a survivor. Present the poem to the class. Some sources of poems, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, I Promised I Would Tell.

Make a collage of words or phrases that you think might describe peoples’ experiences in the camps or what helped them survive. This must be done on white, unlined paper, construction paper, or 8 ½ x 11 poster board.