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Translation of a Property Confiscation Order

Page 16

The Military Commander
of Belgium and Northern France
Military Administration Chief
Group: XII Az: GA21n.

Concerning: an order about the termination of the property and possessions of the Jews in favor of the German Reich on April 22, 1942.

According to paragraph one and paragraph two of the store mentioned order, your property will be confiscated by the German Reich. Through the administration and utilization of the German Reich, the confiscated property will be in the commission of the Brussels Trusteeship Company S.P.R.L. located on 47 Cantersteen Street in Brussels.

The confiscated possessions will be reported to the Military Commander of Belgium and Northern France, Military Administration Chief.

The enclosed form includes the registration which should be filled out in
four copies and sent within eight days to:

The Registration Office for Jewish Possessions
47 Canterseen Street, Brussels.

  Those who send an unlawful order to the German Reich that is not properly or correctly filled out and not punctually registered will be punished.

Should you protest the confiscation of your property, fill out a separate clause in two copies, and it will be added at the same time to your possession announcement. Later your protests will be disregarded.

For the Military Commander
of Belgium
and Northern France
– The Military Chief-
On behalf: