Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

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Oh, No, It Can’t Be – Questions

Page 31

1. The fact that genocide still occurs today is an unfortunate reality. What should the United States and other nations do to stop the current practice of genocide other nations?

2. How do the atrocities seen at Dachau, Buchenwald, and Mauthausen relate international current events? How many countries practice genocide today?

3. Which of the above accounts of the Allied liberation of the concentration camps impacts you the most? Why?

4. Why did the citizens of the German cities claim that they did not know of the crimes and atrocities found within the nearby concentration camps? If they did know, why did they not take any action?

5. What could the Allies have done during World War II to alleviate the suffering of the prisoners in the concentration camps? Why did they not come to the aid of the victims of the Holocaust at the onset of the war?