Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

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The logo consists of three elements:  a book, a piece of barbed wire, and a bird that represents a dove.

The book represents our stored expanse of knowledge.  Looking at the book, the page on the left contains past history from the beginning of time.  The page on the right contains current history, and it is having information added to it on a continuous basis.

The barbed wire represents all that is evil and hatred in this world.  Its symbol starts in the lower left of the page on the left, and weaves its way onto the page on the right.  Hatred and the perpetuation of evil have existed since the beginning of time.  They cross over to our current history, but they do not go across the entire page.  That symbolizes the hope that we can obliterate hatred and evil in our time.

The dove is seen as the universal symbol of peace.  Its placement on the right page is another expression of hope for peace – true universal peace – in our time.  The dove flies off the page to the right in order to demonstrate the hope for continued peace into the future.