Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

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  • Reuben Ainsztein, Jewish Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Eastern Europe (Barnes and Noble).
  • Thomas Blatt, Sobibor: The Forgotten Revolt (H.E.P.).
  • Israel Gutman, Resistance: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Houghton Mifflin).
  • Theodore S. Hamerow, On the Road to the Wolf’s Lair: German Resistance to Hitler (Harvard University Press).
  • Shmuel Krakowski, The War of the Doomed: Jewish Armed Resistance in Poland, 1942-1944 (Holmes and Meier).
  • Anny Latour, The Jewish Resistance in France 1940-1944 (Holocaust Library).
  • Dov Levin, Fighting Back: Lithuanian Jewry’s Armed Resistance to the Nazis, 1941-1945 (Holmes & Meier).
  • Vladka Meed, On Both Sides of the Wall (Holocaust Library)
  • Miriam Novitch, Art from the Concentration Camps: 1940-45 Spiritual Resistance (Jewish Publication Society).
  • Richard Rashke, Escape from Sobibor (Houghton Mifflin).
  • Yuri Suhl, They Fought Back (Schocken).
  • Marie Syrkin, Blessed is the Match: The Story of Jewish Resistance (Jewish Publication Society).
  • Nechama Tec, Defiance: The Bielski Partisans (Oxford University Press)
  • Yitzhak Zuckerman, A Surplus of Memory: Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (University of California Press)


The Danish Resistance
55 minutes color.
Recommended for junior high school and up.
This film features the testimony of prisoners and saboteurs, the rescuers and the rescued, to tell the story of a people who refused to cooperate with the Nazi occupiers of their country.

Forests of Valor
52 minutes, videotape, color.
Recommended for junior high school grades and up.
Documents the story of Jewish underground fighters and partisans who fought the German army in the forests of Eastern Europe during World War II.

The Little Soldiers
14 minutes, videotape, color.
Recommended for junior high school grades and up.
This tape shows a reunion of Jewish Partisans of WWII. They meet in a forest in Israel reminiscent of the forests of Poland, Lithuania, and White Russia, where many of them fought. They tell of their experiences.

Warsaw Ghetto
20 minutes, filmstrip, cas.
Recommended for all ages.
This filmstrip, narrated by Theodore Bikel, while describ-ing the events of the Holocaust in general, focuses on the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Partisans of Vilna
130 minutes, videotape, b/w.
Recommended for junior high school grades and up.
This documentary explores Jewish resistance during
the Holocaust. It recounts the untold tale of the moral dilemmas facing the Jewish youth who organized an underground resistance in the Vilna ghetto, and fought as partisans in the woods against the Nazis.

Weapons of the Spirit
90 minutes, videotape, color. (Classroom version, 35 min.)
Recommended for all ages.
This film by Pierre Sauvage tells the true story of a small French village which managed to save 5,000 Jews from the Holocaust. The village is Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in central France whose inhabitants are descendants of Protestants who were heavily persecuted in previous centuries. They decided to resist evil with “the weapons of the spirit” and managed to double the population of their community right under the Nazis’ noses. This is Sauvage’s personal story, as he was born in Le Chambon to Jewish parents hiding there. He returned there and interviewed the villagers.