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Biography & Memoirs

Adler, David A. We Remember The Holocaust
Henry Holt 1989
The words of survivors add to the narrative impact of this history of the Holocaust.
Photographs of survivors and events complement the text.
Grade: 05-08 D 810 .J4 A328

Amdur, Richard Anne Frank
Chelsea House 1993
This biography of Anne Frank provides the matrix in which her well-known story was
set: the rise of Nazism, the creation of the secret annex, the identities of those who
surrounded her and helped on the outside, and her family.
Grade: 07-10 DS 135 .N6

Atkinson, Linda In Kindling Flame: The Story of Hannah Senesh
Lothrop 1985
Executed at the age of 23, Senesh became a heroine and martyr — the “great soul”
she had longed to be at 15 — to Jews everywhere, but especially in Israel. This
biography movingly tells her story.
Grade: 06-09 CT1919 .938 S363

Banet, Hannah Marcus They Called Me Frau Anna (Abridged Edition)
CIS Publishers 1991
The memoirs of a brave and devout survivor who leads her two small children to their
refuge in the home of a Nazi official, where she serves as his housekeeper until the
war’s end.
Grade: 07-09 DS135. P6 B33

Bernheim, Mark Father Of The Orphans; The Story of Janusz Korczak
Lodestar 1989
Dr. Korczak devoted his life to children as pediatrician, author, and teacher. He was
murdered at Treblinka, along with the orphans in his charge, after he refused an offer
of safety for himself in order to remain with them.
Grade: 09-AD DS135 .P63 K537

Birger, Trudy and Jeffrey M. Green A Daughter’s Gift Of Love; A Holocaust Memoir
Jewish Publication Society 1992
Trudi chooses to remain with and protect her mother at every crossroad in their
journey from their comfortable home to the ghetto, concentration camp, and even the
gas chamber. Their survival is a tribute to her love and loyalty.
Grade: 09-12 D804.3 B5513

Cohn, Lillian L. A Shadow Over My Life
Green Books 1994
“Lilo,” the author of this brief memoir, describes the two years of her life when Hitler
was beginning his destruction of Jewish life in Berlin.
Grade: 06-09 D810 .J4 C58

Daniels, Fred Shadows In Twilight; A 1940-1945 Testimony
Gefen 1991
Twelve-year-old Herman is sent into hiding in Holland and endures fear and loneliness
as he moves from one family to another. While waiting for the war’s end, he longs for
the reunion with his family.
Grade: 06-09 D802 .N4 D3513

David, Kati A Child’s War; World War ll Through The Eyes Of Children
Four Walls Eight Windows 1989
Children aged 5 to 10, from many countries, share their wartime experiences,
describing their struggles to survive, their parents’ sacrifices, and the human potential
for cruelty as well as love.
Grade: 06-09 D810.4 D3413

Deutschkron, Inge Outcast: A Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin
International Publication 1989
Young Inge and her mother hide out in Berlin as non-Jews while her father flees to
England to escape imminent arrest. Living in constant fear of discovery, they endure,
with the help of good neighbors and good fortune.
Grade: 06-09 DS135 G4 B4213

Drucker, Olga Levy Kindertransport
Henry Holt 1992
After Kristallnacht Olga’s parents send her to England, where she learns their
language, endures their prejudices, enjoys their kindnesses, and survives in safety
until it is time to leave.
Grade: 05-08 DS135 .G5 D783

Fluek, Toby Knobel Memoirs Of My Life In A Polish Village 1930-1949
Afred A. Knopf 1990
Vivid paintings and simple text recall the culture that was deliberately and irrevocably
destroyed by Nazi brutality and other nations’ willing or unwilling cooperation.
Grade: 06-AD N7255 .P63 F552

Frank, Anne Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl
Doubleday 1973
Two families hide from the Nazis in the “secret annex,” surviving with the outside help
of Dutch friends. This diary tells their story and reveals the character and talent of its
author, soon to be extinguished.
Grade: 06-09 D810 .J4 F15

Friedman, Ina R. Escape Or Die; True Stories Of Young People Who Survived The Holocaust
Yellow Moon Press 1982
A dozen survivors from ten countries tell their incredible stories of miraculous
escapes from the Nazis and of their journeys to unexpected places around the world.
Grade: 07-09 D810 .J4 F738

Gies, Miep Anne Frank Remembered
Simon and Schuster 1987
From her own perspective as the Franks’ link to the outside world and their would-be
rescuer, Miep tells the story of the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam, of the Frank family,
and of Anne herself.
Grade: 07-09 DS 135 .H5 A536

Hoffman, Judy Joseph and Me In The Days Of The Holocaust
KTAV 1979
Six-year old Dotje and her brother Joseph spend the war years with separate foster-
families in Amsterdam. Each survives, the only two of over fifty children who had
originally been sent to an orphanage. The book begins and ends with brief histories of
events before and after the Holocaust.
Grade: 06-08 D810 .J4 H62

Hurwitz, Johanna Anne Frank, Life In Hiding
Jewish Publication Society 1988
Anne Frank’s brief life, her stay in the secret annex, and what is known of her last days
in Bergen-Belsen are described in this brief and easy to read account.
Grade: 05-08 DS135 .N6 F7335

Kanner, Mia Amalia Shattered Crystals
C.I.S Publishers 1997
This painstakingly detailed account describes a German Jewish family’s struggle to
survive, from the early days of Nazi power in Germany to their refuge in France,
capture, camps, liberation, and final safety in America.
Grade: 08-12 D811.5 .K36

Koehn, Ilse Mischling, Second Degree
Bantam 1978
A child in Nazi Germany, and member of the Hitler Youth, provides a vivid picture of
life in Germany during the war and after, when the feared Russian army brought
crushing defeat.
Grade: 06-09 DD253.47 .K63

Linnea, Sharon Raoul Wallenberg; The Man Who Stopped Death
Jewish Publication Society 1993
Thoroughly researched, this book relates the life story of the Swedish diplomat and
his daring rescue of some 100,000 Jews in Hungary who had been destined for death
in the concentration camps.
Grade: 06-09 DS135 .H9 L53

Marrin, Albert Hitler
Viking 1987
The swift rise and inevitable fall of the “most fascinating and frightening man in
history” is described in this unforgettable portrait.
Grade: 06-09 DD247 .H5 M282

Neimark, Anne E. One Man’s Valor; Leo Baeck and the Holocaust
Dutton 1986
This eloquent biography of the famous German rabbi provides a sympathetic and
moving picture of his life, and his heroism during the Holocaust.
Grade: 07-10 BM755 .B32 N45

Reiss, Johanna The Upstairs Room
Harper Collins 1972
Johanna spent two years during World War ll in hiding, living with her sister in the
upstairs room of a gentile family’s house. This is the story of their life during those
years of the Holocaust.
Grade: 06-08 D810 .J4 R42

Roberts, Jack L. Oskar Schindler
Lucent Books 1996
Set in the context of its time and place, this biography details Schindler’s life and
accomplishments as it attempts to explain the heroic acts of this “wheeler-dealer” and
“con artist.”
Grade: 09-12 D804.3 R.63

Schuman, Michael Elie Wiesel: Voice From the Holocaust
Enslow Publishers 1994
Taken forcibly from his home at 15, Wiesel survived to become an author, teacher, and
humanitarian and a voice for the 6 million who perished in the Holocaust. For his
contributions to humanity he won the Nobel Prize.
Grade: 06-09 PQ2683.I32 Z87

Schur, Maxine Hannah Senesh — A Song of Light
Jewish Publication Society 1986
The courage of this young Jewish martyr has become a beacon, and her brief life an
example to every reader. Her story is told here with grace and eloquence.
Grade: 06-09 CT1919 .P38 S3667

Sender, Ruth Minsky To Life
Macmillan 1988
Riva, liberated from a Nazi labor camp, begins a new life: looking for loved ones,
finding a husband, starting a family, longing for true freedom in America — a dream
that finally becomes reality.
Grade: 06-09 D804.333 .S45

Siegal, Aranka Upon The Head Of A Goat: A Childhood In Hungary, 1939-1944
Farrar Straus 1983
Nine-year old Piri tells of the many unpleasant surprises after the German invasion of
Hungary. Through the years her mother’s resourcefulness keeps the family together in
the ghetto and then in Auschwitz, and they survive.
Grade: 07-09 DS135 R95 S547

Verhoever, Rian Anne Frank Beyond The Diary
Viking 1993
Photos from the Anne Frank House archives combined with excerpts from Anne’s diary, provide a portrait of a remarkable young woman.
Grade: 05-08 DS135 .N6 F7385