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A Mother’s Shoah, Credits, Copyrights and Links

Credits, Copyrights and Links

Writing: My mother, Mrs. Susan Kaszas

Translation: Her son, Steven
Diary letter narration: Her grandchild, Judy
Preface and prologue narration: Her son, Steven
Graphics design: Her son, Steven
Editing: Her grandchildren, Judy and Mark

Photographic images:

  1. National Archives, courtesy of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Photo Archives and the University of South Florida’s Holocaust Resource Gallery
  2. Family albums and pictures.

Images of paintings:

Paintings by David Olere. Courtesy of the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, Paris, France.

World Wide Web links:

Bronx High School of Science Holocaust Studies Center
Cybrary of the Holocaust
Shamash Holocaust Home Page
Survivors of the Shoah/Visual History Foundation
Third Temple Foundation
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
University of South Florida’s Gallery of Holocaust Images

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