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A Mother’s Shoah, Our Lives

Our lives

Within two weeks we were given living quarters in the castle of Dillich. It was such a dreary place that the twelve of us from Tapolca, who really hated to stay there, moved into a nice, modern house in Borken which was the neighboring town. We have been here for four months now, fully rested and well fed, yet in a complete state of shock and horror, for this has been the first time we could truly comprehend the atrocities and inhumanity we were subjected to by the Nazis. No longer could we be grateful to God or the Americans for our lives; lives of which we do not know if they will have any meaning anymore? Whom will we find alive in our families and how? It’s true that this last year was the toughest lesson anyone could have about how to survive; I had nevertheless had more than enough of it …


Their last steps. By D. Olere, 1947.

My dear Alex, you must know that I can’t live without love and the only reason I am still alive is that I want to be with you again in this life. If you love me as much as I love you, then my suffering was not in vain. If you don’t have the same feelings for me you once had, then . . . . .