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Holocaust Bibliography

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The following books are available from the library of the War Memorial Museum for in-house use by educators on an appointment basis. These books may be helpful for background reading or personal research to enhance your own curriculum. The list is divided into paperbacks and hard-cover with the title and author. As with the video material, these books may contain graphic pictures and disturbing narrative.


1. The Hunter – Twia Friedman

2. The Theory and Practice of Hell – Eugene Kagan

3. Dachau – William W. Quinn, Col.

4. Never Again – Jamais Plus

5. War Against the Jews 1993-1945 – Lucy L. Davidowicz

6. Silence on Monte Sole – Jackson Olsen

7. Hitler’s Death March: Survivor’s Story – Morris Krantz & Louis Aucter

8. Treblinka – Jean-Francois Steiner

9. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank

10. Eichman’s Inferno Auschwitz – Dr. Miklas Nyiszli

11. Butcher’s of Buchenwald – Walter Poller

12. The Yellow Star – Gerhard Schoenberner

13. Auschwitz and the Allies – Martin Gilbert

14. Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression – 10 Volume Set

Hardcover Books

1. A History in Photographs – Teresa Swiebocka

2. The Auschwitz Album – Lila Meier

3. The Holocaust – Nora Levin

4. The Day of the Americans – Nerin E. Ginn

5. Children of the Resistance – Lore Cowan

6. The Nazi Doctors Medical Killing and Psychology of Genocide – Robert Jay Lipton

7. The Samaritans, Heroes of the Holocaust -Wladyslaw Barlaszlevskki

8. Where Once We Walked

9. Hidden Children – Howard Greenfield

10. Anne Frank – Miep Gies (Children’s Book)

11. Memory Fields – Shlomo Breznetz

12. Daniel’s Story – Carol Matas (Children’s Book)

13. Tell Them We Remember – Susan D. Bachrach (Excellent source material)

14. The World Must Know – National Holocaust Museum

15. Liberation 1945 – National Holocaust Museum

16. When Light Pierced the Darkness – Nechama Tec

17. The Texture of Memory – James E. Young

18. In Fitting Memory – Sybil Milton

Other books not available in our library.

1. Alan and Naomi – Myron Levy

2. When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit – Judith Kerr

3. Hear O Israel – Terry Walton Treaseder

4. Don’t Say A Word – Barbara Gehrts

5. Twenty and Ten – Claire Hachet Bishop

6. Number of Stars – Lois Lowry

7. Schindler’s List– Thomas Keneally

8. Night – Elie Wiesel

9. The Assault – Harry Muslich