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About the Museum Kit

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The museum kit contains:

  • Authentic photographs, incorporated into nineteen posters along with one introductory poster. The posters form an exhibition entitled “Return to Life – The Holocaust Survivors: From Liberation to Rehabilitation”
  • A sixty-minute videocassette of the film Retum to Life, describing, through Interviews and documentary excerpts, how five survivors rebuilt their lives.
  • A booklet containing an article on the Holocaust survivors, excerpts from eyewitness testimony, maps, a bibliography, proposals for activity around the exhibition, and instructions for viewing the film and discussing it after the viewing.

Organization of the Study Envionment

The posters are numbered and classified by subject. Each subject represents a phase in the path back to life, from liberation day until the survivors emigrated overseas or made their way to Palestine.

The posters (each 33 x 48 cm.) are designed to be hung on a wall or placed on a table for work purposes.

To hang the posters, a display area large enough to contain them all should be set aside. This area may be a corridor, a classroom, a clubroom, or the walls of the library. The pictures should be suspended consecutively, in numerical order, in the direction of movement (preferably along one wall or two adjacent ones), at eye-level, at least twenty centimeters apart.

Free access to the posters should be guaranteed.