Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

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Mission Statement
Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to combating prejudice and bigotry by presenting documented facts about the Holocaust to derive positive lessons how to make this a better and safer world for everybody.


  • To create a “virtual” Holocaust Teacher Resource Center on the World Wide Web.
  • To bring Holocaust information (e.g., lesson plans, book reviews, bibliographies, exhibits, lectures, etc.) from various Holocaust Centers and sources under a single organization.
  • To provide teachers, students, and the general public with access to Holocaust information.
  • To present Holocaust education materials on the World Wide Web and e-mail as well as by traditional methods such as postal mailing of printed material.
  • To charge no fees for information accepted for dissemination.
  • To study the Holocaust by attending meetings, conferences, and exhibits; reading Holocaust literature; discussing the Holocaust with Holocaust scholars and other relevant individuals.
  • To develop new education materials based on the latest research and concept development by Holocaust scholars.
  • To derive practical lessons from the Holocaust to help guide the way we live today to make this a better and safer world for everybody.
  • To combat deniers and others who distort the truth about the realities of the Holocaust.
  • To work cooperatively with other Holocaust organizations.