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  • The links are provided to help you obtain Holocaust information to support your teaching, research, or other educational purpose objectives.
  • Links relating to Holocaust study are posted here. When ever possible the home page link is included and may be printed. Detailed information contained within the linked home page may be obtained from the linked site not the Holocaust TRC.

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Al Filreis Class of 1942 Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania
Professor Filreis is the “Class of 1942 Professor of English” at the University of Pennsylvania. He also is the Faculty Director of the Kelly Writers House and was the 1999 Pennsylvania Professor of the Year. His web site includes a section on a course that he taught on literature of the Holocaust. Online materials include historical documents and recent commentaries.

Aktion Reinhardt Camps
This site focuses on the Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka death camps. It includes historical documents, maps, models, and other materials.

AMCHA is the National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation. AMCHA was the codeword that helped survivors to safely identify fellow Jews in war-ravaged Europe. The term now stands for the safety of a psychosocial support system for the survivors and the second generation.

Anne Frank House
The Anne Frank House allows you to get some views of the actual house and other information.

Arnold-Liebster Foundation
The Arnold-Liebster Foundation’s website details the Nazi persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It includes survivor testimony, online resources, videos and DVDs (English and Spanish), study guides and lesson plans, teacher comments, books, and information about interactive video conferences with survivors and schools.

The Association of Holocaust Organizations
The Association of Holocaust Organizations home page includes links to its more than 100 worldwide members.

The Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation, Inc.
“The Auschwitz Jewish Center in Oswiecim/Auschwitz was opened in September 2000 and includes the town’s only surviving synagogue (Chevra Lomdei Mishnayot fully restored to its pre-war appearance), a short film, an exhibition on pre-war Jewish life in the town, a genealogy center and a library. With its educational programs, youth dialogue meetings and cultural events, the Center is the only active reminder of the rich Jewish life that once existed in Oswiecim.”

Beyond the Pale
This exhibition depicts the history of anti-Jewish attitudes — and of anti-Semitism today. The exhibition also portrays the history of Jews in Europe and in Russia to help understand their life, religion and culture. But above all, the exhibition wants to warn of the great dangers of prejudice and intolerance. The site can be viewed in English or Russian.

Business and the Holocaust
Business and the Holocaust, from Stock Maven, provides information leading up to the Holocaust. It shows major ties between corporations and the Nazis with articles, book excerpts, historical and recent news media reports, war crimes trial transcripts, government and organization resources.

Catalog of Holocaust Teaching Materials
Some videos and related teaching materials can be purchased through a Catalog of Holocaust Teaching Materials. The Holocaust Teacher Resource Center DOES NOT receive any commission from those sales.

Chava Rosenfarb
Chava Rosenfarb was one of the most important Yiddish novelists and writers of the second half of the twentieth century and was a survivor of both Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen.

Crosspoint Anti Racism
The Crosspoint is the Net’s biggest collection of links in the field of of Human Rights, Racism, Refugees, Women’s rights, Antifascism, Shoah, etc. It is presented by the Magenta Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Many Holocaust resources can be found from the Cybrary home page.

Daring to Resist
The web site accompanies a movie with the same name. In Daring to Resist
three Jewish women reflect on their lives as teenagers in Holland, Hungary and Poland during World War II when they refused to remain passive in the face of the Holocaust.

David Dickerson
David Dickerson has an extensive annotated list of Holocaust-related sites. His homepage also includes links to sites on antisemitism and Jewish culture.

Eve Tal
Eve Tal is an educator who focuses on children. Her web site includes background on Jewish history and traditions, as well as Holocaust books for children. It also includes information on her book written about the experiences of her grandfather when he was initially rejected at Ellis Island.

Gedenkdienst (The Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service)
The Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service (Gedenkdienst) is a unique international network for Holocaust Foundations that provides assistance to important archives and museums.

The intent of Gedenkdienst is to emphasize the recognition of Austria’s part of the collective responsibility for the Holocaust and the responsibility for each and every one of us to remember and to fight for “never again” (quote from the speech of the former Austrian chancellor Franz Vranitzky, Jerusalem, June 1993).

Generations of the Shoah International (GSI)
The Generations of the Shoah International (GSI) newsletter has information on Holocaust education and commemoration programs from around the world. It also has Holocaust-related news articles and videos dealing with issues of restitution, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and more. This is the most comprehensive listing of conference and program information.
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Ghetto Fighters House
“Beit Lohamei Haghetaot” is the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum in Israel. The museum contains permanent historical and documentary exhibitions that deal with three main topics: Jewish life before the Holocaust, the Holocaust period and the fate of the Jewish people, and Jewish resistance and uprising.

The Holocaust Chronicle
This site is a companion to an 800 page not-for-profit book which was published March 2000. The entire book has been reproduced on line with extensive search capabilities. There is no charge or registration requirements to utilize this extensive web site.

The Holocaust Commission
This site is from the Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, Virginia. In addition to an Educators’ Resource Center and links, it has detailed information about the Commission’s Speaker’s Bureau and other local programs.

The Holocaust Education Resource Center at the College of Saint Elizabeth
The College of Saint Elizabeth Holocaust Education Resource Center’s website publicizes their annual week-long Kristallnacht programs, and also provides links to other Holocaust centers to help teachers, students, and others in accessing credible Holocaust sites on the Internet.

Holocaust/Genocide Project
The Holocaust/Genocide Project (HGP) is an international, nonprofit, telecommunications project focusing on study of the Holocaust and other genocides. The purpose of the HGP is to promote education and awareness, and to encourage the application of this knowledge in a way which makes a positive difference in the world. The HGP welcomes all students — Age 12-17 — and teachers, internationally.

International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)
The task force is comprised of governmental and non-governmental organizations from 31 member countries. Its purpose is to place political and social leaders’ support behind the need for Holocaust education, remembrance, and research both nationally and internationally.

Into The Arms Of Strangers
This multimedia web site chronicles the historical Kindertransport, the extraordinary rescue mission that saved 10,000 children during the Holocaust. The site is companion to the award winning documentary film, and includes a study guide, interviews, soundtrack, and other relevant documents and commentary. The film and site provide a compelling and accessible means to approach a historical event that is particularly difficult to learn and understand.

Jewish Labor Committee
The Jewish Labor Committee (JLC) was founded to provide a presence for Jewish labor in the councils of the American trade-union movement and in the Jewish “establishment,” and to mobilize labor in the struggle against fascism. The JLC worked with other Jewish organizations engaged in anti-Nazi work. More than three million pages of documentation and ten thousand photographs, posters, and graphics, records the work of the Committee from its founding in 1934 through the early 1980s were presented to New York University in January of 1985.

Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center & Archives at Queensborough Community College -CUNY
The web site links to the Center’s extensive array of Holocaust materials. Some of the materials are: Catalogues, Videos, Dissertations, Traveling Exhibits, and the CUNY Library website.

Learning about the Holocaust Through Art Project
Learning about the Holocaust through Art is an important new contribution to Holocaust education. This free website provides high-quality reproductions of art works produced during the Holocaust. It also includes biographies of the artists and histories of the ghettos and camps in which they were interned. Study resources and lesson plans support its use in the classroom and an interactive section enables users to choose and annotate works for their own online collection. The website is available in both English and Hebrew, with Russian and Spanish versions planned. It has been jointly produced by World ORT (an international educational charity) and Beit Lohamei Haghetaot (a major Holocaust museum in Israel).

This extensive web site includes a section with 149 links to web sites dealing with the Holocaust and antisemitism.

Memorial Museums
The Global Directory lists the country, city, and name for each Holocaust museum with a link to each museum.

National Center For Jewish Film
The center is located at Brandeis University and it includes an Audiovisual Library that rents Holocaust films to educational
institutions, community groups and the public. The web site includes a description of each film. (Posted to this site on February 1, 2000)

The Nizkor Project
Welcome to Nizkor, a collage of projects focused on answering the question: “Why do people deny the Holocaust?”

NYSERNET includes a short statistical Holocaust summary by German Historians plus excerpts from Nazi documents.

Refuge is a one-hour documentary that reaches back more than 70 years to give a voice to the last generation of Central European Jewish victims of Nazi persecution. The film weaves together historical narrative, archival footage, and deeply personal testimony to explore the lives of six Chicagoans against the context of the Nazi cataclysm and tell the story of a singular community that has given refuge to more than 1,000 Central European Jewish refugees and survivors.  Contact the director, Ethan Bensinger, for additional information.

Shamash: The Jewish Internet Consortium, is striving to be the highest quality central point of Jewish information (including the Holocaust) and discussion on the Internet.

Silent Voices Speak
Silent Voices Speak is dedicated to teaching the Holocaust visually for factual and emotional understanding of the chronological events from 1933 to 1945.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Multimedia Learning Center
This portion of the web site is a comprehensive resource on the Holocaust and World War II, with over 3,000 text files, and tens of thousands of photos.

Social Studies School Service eBooks
Social Studies School Service had added more than 500 activity books to their Web-based inventory of eBooks. The list includes some items about the Holocaust. The Holocaust Education Foundation sponsors this web site and it receives a small donation for every item purchased from Social Studies School Service through this Holocaust Teacher Resource Center web site.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust
This site is an overview of the people and events of the Holocaust presented by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. It is with the College of Education, University of South Florida.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is located in Washington, DC was constructed with private funds and serves as the US public statement about the Holocaust. They have developed guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust.(Guidelines is a 946K PDF file and requires Acrobat Reader)

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Learning Center web site is now accessible online. The site offers many resources, including about 140 brief in-house articles; 41 artifact images; 103 documentary film footage clips; 162 oral history testimony segments; 202 maps; 28 thematic chronologies; and 917 historical photographs.

Virtual Jersusalem’s Holocaust Pages
Virtual Jerusalem’s Holocaust Pages provides links to other Holocaust pages, including: “The Holocaust: A Guide to Pennsylvania Teachers.” The teachers’ guide is designed for middle school and high school students. It includes statements of Instructional Objectives, Discussion Questions, Activities, Teaching Strategies, and Evaluation.

Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem is The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority and is located in Israel. It was established in 1953 by an act of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) to commemorate the six million Jewish people and the thousands of Jewish communities annihilated by Nazi Germany during World War II.