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Faces of Courage, Franz


Dressed in his checkered shirt and short trousers, Franz walked quickly along the dark street bordering the park. He saw the flashlights and heard the Nazi Patrol and quickly jumped into the bushes that bordered the park. Knowing how to avoid the patrol was important and Franz, who knew every bush and hiding place in the park, was sure he would never be caught. Patrol would never catch him. The son of a steelworker, Franz had just turned 16 when he left school and joined the Edelweiss Pirates. He knew most of the other boys from his neighborhood, they were his friends and he had known them for most of his life. His father was a Social Democrat who lost his position as trade union leader because he opposed the Nazis. As soon as Franz was old enough, he quit school to avoid having to go to Nazi Youth meetings. He took a job in the steel mill as an apprentice and joined the Edelweiss Pirates.