Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

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The Survivors and the Second Generation


  • Yehuda Bauer, Flight and Rescue (Random House)
  • Alan Berger, Children of Job: American Second Generation Witnesses to the Holocaust (SUNY Press).
  • Helen Epstein, Children of the Holocaust (Putnam).
  • Martin Gilbert, The Boys: The Story of 732 Young Concentration Camp Survivors (Henry Holt).
  • Aaron Hass, In the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Second Generation (Cornell University Press).
  • William Helmreich, Against All Odds: Holocaust Survivors and the Successful Lives They Made in America (Simon and Schuster)
  • Judith Hemmendinger, Survivors, Children of the Holocaust (National Press).
  • Sarah Moskovitz, Love Despite Hate: Child Survivors of the Holocaust (Schocken).
  • Yehuda Nir, The Lost Childhood (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich).
  • Dorothy Rabinowitz, New Lives: Survivors of the Holocaust Living in America (Knopf).
  • John J. Sigal and Morton Weinfeld, Trauma and Rebirth: Intergenerational Effects of the Holocaust (Praeger).
  • Lucy Y. Steinlitz, Living After the Holocaust (Bloch).
  • Hannah Yablokna, Survivors of the Holocaust: Israel After the War (New York University Press)


Breaking the Silence
60 minutes, videotape, color.
Recommended for high school grades and up.
Interviews and discussions with survivors and the Second Generation, interspersed with psychological explanations by professionals.

In Dark Places — Remembering the Holocaust
58 minutes, 16 mm, color.
Recommended for ages 14 and up.
This film explores the attempts of a few children of survivors to come to terms with the Holocaust. The film’s major premise is that we are all children of the Holocaust, and it drives home that fact with great sensitivity. It includes interviews with survivors as well as the second generation.

A Generation Apart
60 minutes, videotape, color.
Recommended for junior high school grades and up.
A series of interviews between the Second Generation and their parents, siblings, and peers.

The Legacy
23 minutes, videotape, color.
Recommended for ages 14 and up.
Five adults whose parents survived the Holocaust and the terrors of the camps discuss the effect that their parents’ experiences had on their own lives.

Same Sky, Same Earth
57 minutes, videotape, color.
Recommended for junior high school grades and up.
This video follows a group of Jewish youths from the United States, other western countries, and Israel on their journey to ghetto and death camp sites in Poland — and to an understanding of the Holocaust and the Resistance.

Survivors of the Holocaust
25 minutes, videotape, color.
Recommended for junior high school grades and up.
This documentary features the moving testimony of Holocaust survivors and the children of survivors. Interspersed within their narration, which details their lives before, during, and after World War II, are photographs and footage actually shot in concentration camps.

Return to Life: The Story of Holocaust Survivors
The time period covered is 1945-1957. It tells the postwar story of survivors from the Israeli perspective. It contains 37 film testimonies, 75 audio segments from historians and survivors, hundreds of photographs, documents, and excerpts from secondary works. It includes an extensive glossary, timeline and 7 interactive maps.
Sponsoring institution: Yad Vashem