Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

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Holocaust (Series)
Blackbirch Press 1998
Each volume of up to 80 pages covers a defined period — from pre-Holocaust to
liberation — with profuse illustrations, bibliography, notes, and other features.
Survivors’ stories, a resource guide, and a cumulative index conclude the series.
Grade: 07-09 D804.34 .H65

The Holocaust; A Grolier Student Library
Grolier 1996
Four slim volumes present discussions of Holocaust topics in an alphabetical
arrangement. Also included are glossaries and subject indexes.
Grade: 07-09 D804.25 .H65

Historical Atlas Of The Holocaust
Macmillan 1996
Full color maps illustrate the story of the Holocaust with specific geographical and
physical details of deportations, camps, ghettos, and countries.
Grade: 07-AD G1797.21 .E29 H5

Encyclopedia Of The Holocaust, Israel Gutman, Ed.
Macmillan 1990
Some 1000 entries in four volumes provide factual information about individuals,
events, countries, ghettos, camps, and many other aspects of the Holocaust. Arranged
alphabetically, the articles and essays provide wide but concise coverage of the topics.
Grade: 08-AD D804.3 .E53

The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization
Macmillan 1990
Maps, pictures, and text depict Jewish history from Abraham through the Diaspora,
the Holocaust, and post-war years. Their contributions, as well as migrations and
persecutions, are placed in geographical as well as historical perspective.
Grade: 07-AD G1030 .G48

Stephens, Elaine C. and others, Ed. Learning About The Holocaust, Literature and Other Resources
Shoe String Press 1995
This valuable resource book for teachers, librarians, parents and other adults provides
detailed information about each book it includes, along with teaching suggestions
or most titles. Also included are a historical overview of the Holocaust, a curriculum
guides list, videos, and various other resources.
Grade: ADULT D804.3 .574