Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

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Grade Index

Grade: 04-06
Adler, David A. One Yellow Daffodil; A Hannukah Story
Baylis-White, Mary Sheltering Rebecca
Vos, Ida Hide And Seek

Grade: 05-08
Adler, David A. We Remember The Holocaust
Bachrach, Susan D. Tell Them We Remember; The Story Of The Holocaust
Drucker, Olga Levy Kindertransport
Hurwitz, Johanna Anne Frank, Life In Hiding
Matas, Carol Lisa’s War
Richter, Hans Peter Friedrich
Richter, Hans Peter I Was There
Schnur, Steven The Shadow Children
Stadtler, Bea The Holocaust, A History Of Courage And Resistance, Rev. Ed.
Verhoever, Rian Anne Frank Beyond The Diary
Vos, Ida Anna Is Still Here

Grade: 05-AD
Beller, Ilex Life In The Shtetl; Scenes and Recollection

Grade: 06-08
Hoffman, Judy Joseph and Me In The Days Of The Holocaust
Orlev, Uri Island On Bird Street
Reiss, Johanna The Upstairs Room
Ziemian, Joseph The Cigarette Sellers Of Three Crosses Square

Grade: 06-09
Altshuler, David A. Hitler’s War Against The Jews
Atkinson, Linda In Kindling Flame: The Story of Hannah Senesh
Chaikin, Miriam A Nightmare In History; The Holocaust 1933-1945
Cohn, Lillian L. A Shadow Over My Life
Daniels, Fred Shadows In Twilight; A 1940-1945 Testimony
David, Kati A Child’s War; World War ll Through The Eyes Of Children
Deutschkron, Inge Outcast: A Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin
Drucker, Malka, and Michael Halperin Jacob’s Rescue; A Holocaust Story
Frank, Anne Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl
Heyes, Eileen The Hitler Youth
Kerr, Judith When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Koehn, Ilse Mischling, Second Degree
Laird, Christa Shadow Of The Wall

Grade: 06-09
Linnea, Sharon Raoul Wallenberg; The Man Who Stopped Death
Lowry, Lois Number The Stars
Marrin, Albert Hitler
Matas, Carol After The War
Orlev, Uri The Man From The Other Side
Rossel, Seymour The Holocaust; The Fire that Raged
Schuman, Michael Elie Wiesel: Voice From the Holocaust
Schur, Maxine Hannah Senesh — A Song of Light
Sender, Ruth Minsky To Life
Suhl, Yuri Uncle Misha’s Partisans
Volavkova, Hana, Ed. I Never Saw Another Butterfly; Children’s Drawings and Poems
Zeinert, Karen The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Grade: 06-AD
Abells, Chana Byers The Children We Remember
Fluek, Toby Knobel Memoirs Of My Life In A Polish Village 1930-1949

Grade: 07-09
The Holocaust; A Grolier Student Library
Holocaust (Series)
Arrick, Fran Chernowitz!
Asscher-Pinkhof, Clara Star Children
Banet, Hannah Marcus They Called Me Frau Anna (Abridged Edition)
Friedman, Ina R. Escape Or Die; True Stories Of Young People Who Survived The Holocaust
Gies, Miep Anne Frank Remembered
Siegal, Aranka Upon The Head Of A Goat: A Childhood In Hungary, 1939-1944

Grade: 07-10
Amdur, Richard Anne Frank
Landau, Elaine The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Levitin, Sonia Journey to America
Meltzer, Milton Rescue; The Story Of How Gentiles Saved Jews In The Holocaust
Neimark, Anne E. One Man’s Valor; Leo Baeck and the Holocaust
Orgel, Doris The Devil In Vienna
Rittner, Carol & Sondra Myers, Ed. The Courage to Care; Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust

Grade: 07-AD
The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization
Historical Atlas Of The Holocaust

Grade: 08-12
Bitton-Jackson, Livia I Have Lived A Thousand Years; Growing Up In The Holocaust
Kanner, Mia Amalia Shattered Crystals
Meltzer, Milton Never To Forget; The Jews Of The Holocaust
Neshamit, Sarah The Children Of Mapu Street
Rossel, Seymour The Holocaust; The World And The Jews, 1933-1945

Grade: 08-AD
Encyclopedia Of The Holocaust, Israel Gutman, Ed.

Grade: 09-12
Birger, Trudy and Jeffrey M. Green A Daughter’s Gift Of Love; A Holocaust Memoir
Gotfryd, Bernard Anton The Dove Fancier and Other Tales Of The Holocaust
Nolan, Han If I Should Die Before I Wake
Roberts, Jack L. Oskar Schindler

Grade: 09-AD
Bernheim, Mark Father Of The Orphans; The Story of Janusz Korczak
Jewish Publication Society We Are Children Just The Same

Grade: ADULT
Stephens, Elaine C. and others, Ed. Learning About The Holocaust: Literature and Other Resources