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30 min / B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00095
A 1st lieutenant with the 30th Field Hospital of the Third Army relates his experiences at the camp of Ebensee, in Austria, as his unit entered the camp to take over the medical facilities and provide care to 36,000 remaining inmates. Includes photographs taken by the liberator himself.
Subject(s): Concentration Camp
Vendor: Emory University

Echoes of a Nightmare
26 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00191
This documentary chronicles the efforts of the American Nazi Party to march into the predominantly Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois. This historic event tested the ability of our Constitution in granting all American citizens the right of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.
Subject(s): Neo-Nazis; Skokie, Illinois
Vendor: R-H Company

Echoes That Remain
60 min / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00313
A poignant study of Jewish shtetl life before the Holocaust. It combines hundreds of rare archival photos and previously unseen footage with live action sequences shot on location at the sites of former Jewish communities in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania.
Subject(s): Jewish Society – Eastern Europe – Shtetl
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Eichmann: The Nazi Fugitive
50 minutes / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00597
The capture of Adolf Eichmann, the notorious war criminal, by Israeli intelligence is reenacted with interviews with the actual Mossad agents who brought him to justice after a worldwide manhunt of fifteen years.
Subject(s): Eichmann, Adolf; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Alden Films

The Eighty-First Blow
115 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00111
The title refers to the story of a Jewish boy in a ghetto who was struck with eighty blows. He survived and immigrated to Israel, where he found that no one believed his story, which for him was the eighty-first blow. A compilation of testimony from witnesses who appeared at the Eichmann Trial provides a telling narrative.
Subject(s): Ghettos; Nazi Atrocities; Survivors
Vendor: Ergo Media, Inc.


Elie Wiesel: Witness to the Holocaust Nobel Peace Prize, 1986
20 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00014
Cited by the Nobel Committee as a spiritual leader and guide in an age characterized by “violence, repression and racism,” Wiesel has devoted his life to the cause of peace. A Holocuast survivor who has written extensively about his experiences, Wiesel has based his literary career on the concept of the writer as witness. (Student notebook and teacher resource book are available.)
Subject(s): Holocaust Survivors

Escape From Sobibor
149 min / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00164
Sobibor was a Nazi death camp in Poland, where more than a quarter of a million Jews were annihilated. It was also the site of the largest prisoner escape of WWII.
Subject(s): Extermination Camps; Resistance; Docu-drama
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Escape to Shanghai
25 min / Color & B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00077
This tape tells the story of the Jewish community of Shanghai, China, one of the most interesting of the Holocaust. Thousands of Jews came from Germany, Russia, and Eastern Europe to this open port where no passport or visa was required and lived out the war years, the majority of them under Japanese occupation. Although Germany was pressuring the Japanese to formulate an extermination policy similar to that which was in effect in Europe, Japan resisted.
Subject(s): Shanghai; Emigration; Japan
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Escape to the Rising Sun
95 min / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00330
This is the story of 20,000 Jews who fled Nazi persecution in Europe and took refuge in Shanghai, China, throughout the Second World War. For several thousands of them, escape meant traveling through the Soviet Union and Japan before eventually reaching Shanghai. During the Japanese occupation, the refugees were completely cut off from the outside world. When Shanghai was liberated, they began leaving for new homes in Europe, the United States, Israel and Australia.
Subject(s): Refugees; Shanghai
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Europa, Europa
115 min / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00329
This film, in German and Russian with English subtitles, is the story of Solomon Perel, a courageous German-Jewish teenager who survived WWII by concealing his true identity and by living as a Nazi for seven harrowing years through three countries.
Subject(s): German-Jewish Teenager; Docu-Drama
Vendor: Blockbuster

Everything’s For You
55 min / Color & B/W Adult / VHS / VCH00362
A son, the father of his own son and daughter, explores the complicated relationship with his late father, a survivor of the Lodz Ghetto. Reticent and in failing health, the father’s story is revealed through the filmmaker’s use of various media techniques, including interviews, photographs, archival footage, cell animation drawings, and repeating sequences, questions, and props that echo the disjointed character of the memories. But it is not only the father who is haunted by the death of his first family; it is also the son.
Subject(s): 2nd Generation; Survivors
Vendor: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Excerpts From My Journal
17 min / B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00368
Dara Horn kept a journal when she was a participant in the 1992 March of the Living. This video features excerpts from her journal. She was a freshman in high school when she joined the March which visited Poland and Israel. The photographs were taken by Sharon Gurman Socol, a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Agency for Jewish Education in Miami, who was also a participant in the March.
Subject(s): March of the Living; Concentration Camps; Israel
Vendor: United States Office of the March of the Living

The Exiles
116 min / Color & B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00189
This tape which was made for public television is the story of emigre scholars, intellectuals and artists, who were forced to flee Europe for America. The tape is divided into two parts, beginning with pre-WWII, and interweaves with documentary film footage.
Subject(s): Survivors; Emigre Scholars; Emigre Intellectuals; Emigre Artists
Vendor: The Exiles Project

Exodus to Israel
52 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00149
The revelation of the Holocaust did not mean that the survivors would readily be granted asylum in the Promised Land. This documantary covers the dramatic events leading to the establishment of Israel, focusing on Exodus, the clandestine voyage in 1947 of Jewish refugees to Palestine.
Subject(s): “Illegal” Immigration; Displaced Persons
Vendor: Films for the Humanities, Inc.

The Eye of the Dictator
55 min / Color & B/W HS / VHS / VCH00452
An in-depth examination of the Nazi regime’s use of propaganda techniques to inform, disinform and persuade the German people about the Nazi ideology and aims.
Subject(s): Nazi Propaganda; Goebbels; Totalitarian State
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

The Eye of the Third Reich
60 min / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00454
This documentary focuses on Walter Frentz, the photographer who was cameraman to Leni Riefenstahl and later chosen to be Hitler’s personal cameraman. Frentz was in a unique position to provide us with an inside view of the working of the Nazi propaganda machine.
Subject(s): Nazi Propaganda; Walter Frentz; Josef Goebbels
Vendor: First Run/Icarus Films

Eyes From the Ashes
12 min / B/W Adult / VHS / VCH00397
Many Jews brought personal photographs with them when they were deported to Auschwitz, not knowing their fate. The photographs were confiscated and 2400 of them had been pasted into ledger books. The photos had remained in Auschwitz until several years ago, when Ann Weiss, a photojournalist, found them. This video shows many of the “faces,” most unnamed. As viewers have seen these pictures, some of those unknown “faces” have been recognized.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; Pre-war; Photographs
Vendor: Ann Weiss

Eyewitness to History
60 min / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00462
The renowned journalist and author, William L. Shirer discusses his experiences as a journalist in Europe prior and during World War II with Bill Moyers. Shirer, the author of “Berlin Diary” and “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” was the correspondent for CBS radio in Germany during the early days of the Nazi regime and provides his insights into this crucial period of modern history.
Subject(s): Nazi Germany; William L. Shirer
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences


Faces of the Enemy
58 min / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00052
This video examines the sociological, psychological, and political aspects of war to discover what drives nations, and individuals, to kill. Through a chilling series of propaganda images, interviews with a Vietnam veteran, psychologists, cartoonists, a mythologist, experts on warfare, racism, and people who feel threatened by enemies, the film creates a vivid picture of the ways in which people become obsessed with concepts of enemies. The film shows how these obsessions allow people to kill others without feeling guilt, and escalate conflict to the point where they cannot be resolved without violence.
Subject(s): Psychology of War; Psychology of Propaganda
Vendor: Quest Productions, Inc.

Faith Amid the Flames
30 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00175
This film shows the spiritual heroism and resistance of Orthodox Jews during the Holocaust. The film records the astounding faith of observant Jews, who risked their lives to maintain their faith. The film also deals with the fascinating struggle the leading rabbis endured in order to faithfully answer many of the questions on Jewish law brought out by the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Spiritual Resistance
Vendor: Eventful Enterprise

A False Dawn (Struggle for Poland Series)
58 min / Color & B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00204
Though the new Polish constitution was to guarantee racial and religious tolerance, the hopes of the Polish people were diminished as weak coalition governments and bitter political infighting led to the assassination of Polish leaders. The establishment of a military regime based on right-wing totalitarianism officially sanctioned anti-Semitism. Workers and peasants protested against government policies, while outside its borders Poland faced a greater threat from Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.
Subject(s): Poland – Anti-Semitism (1930s)
Vendor: PBS Video

Fascism: Rise of Hitler
44 minutes / BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00495
Documentary evidence about the rise of Nazism and anti-Semitism in Germany from 1919 to 1939, as well as the rise of Mussolini Fascism in Italy.
Subject(s): Nazism; Fascism; Anti-Semitism; Italy; Germany
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Father’s Return to Auschwitz
20 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00130
Jan Drabek, child of an upper middle-class Christian family, lived in Prague before WWII. Then in 1938, when the Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia, his father joined the underground. Denounced and apprehended, the father was sent to the Auschwitz death camp where, miraculously, he survived. Four decades later, the father returned to Auschwitz with his son, who filmed this documentary. In this film, the Nazi takeover of Czechoslovakia and memories of the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau are recalled.
Subject(s): Resistance; Auschwitz; Czechoslovakia
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

A Field of Buttercups
30 min / B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00435
The story of Dr. Janus Korczak’s orphanage for Jewish children in the Warsaw Ghetto, and of his heroic devotion to his orphans. (Film in poor quality)
Subject(s): Korczak, Janus; Warsaw Ghetto; children
Vendor: Alden Films

The First World War & the Rise of Fascism
30 minutes / BW/Color JHS / VHS / VCH00461
This program considers World War I and its aftermath, when old empires were replaced by rightwing dictatorship in Italy, Spain, and Germany. It includes a segment that looks at new military strategies used in World War II and discusses why civilians became targets.
Subject(s): Fascism; World War I; World War II
Vendor: Insight Media


Flames in the Ashes
90 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00113
Using testimony of eye witnesses and recently discovered film footage, this video explores how Jews in innumerable ways resisted the Nazis. The voices of those who survived the horrors of the Holocaust, both murderers and resistance fighters, tell the story that defines the differing dimensions of Jewish resistance in Europe before and during the war. (Hebrew with English sub-titles)
Subject(s): Resistance; Nazi Atrocities; Survivors
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

For the Living
57 min / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00363
Documentary about the concept and planning of the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Included are interviews with the architect and with leading members of the U.S. Holocaust Commission. The film is narrated by actor Ed Asner.
Subject(s): Holocaust Museum
Vendor: PBS Video

114 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00079
This film is about the so-called “Last Jews of Berlin,” a handful of German Jews who actually lived underground throughout WWII in Berlin. In this production, the desperate struggle of this remnant of German Jewry is dramatized.
Subject(s): Last Jews in Berlin (Nazi Germany); Fiction
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Force of Evil
60 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00240
Using archival footage as well as taped interviews with Jewish and non-Jewish survivors who recount their first-hand experiences of the Holocaust, “Force of Evil” addresses the questions, How could a nation persecute and kill millions of innocent people? and, How could the world stand by while these atrocities occurred? It also documents the career of Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal, who proceeded from managing the forced emigration of Jews from Germany in the late thirties to being instrumental in the systematic annihilation of millions of Jews with others in death camps.
Subject(s): War Crimes – Responsibility; Adolf Eichmann
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

Forest of Valor
52 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00284
Documents the story of Jewish underground fighters and partisans who fought the German army in the forests of Eastern Europe during World War II.
Subject(s): Partisans; Babi Yar; Resistance
Vendor: Sisu Home Entertainment, Inc.

The Forgotten Genocide
28 min / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00264
A classic and definitive film about the first genocide of the twentieth century told for the first time by eyewitness acccounts of Armenian survivors and rare archival film footage.
Subject(s): Genocide; Armenians
Vendor: Atlantis Productions

Fragments of Isabella
80 minutes / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00537
This film drama is based on the Pulitzer Prize book by Isabella Leitner, a young Hungarian Jew who suffered through the horrors of Auschwitz.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; survivors
Vendor: Filmakers Library

A Friendship in Vienna
94 minutes / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00603
Feature film about the friendship of two school girls – one Jewish; one Christian – in Vienna at the time of the Nazi “Anschluss” of 1938.
Subject(s): Fiction; Nazi Persecution; Austria; Vienna
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

From Hawaii to the Holocaust: A Shared Moment in History
53 min / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00403
This is the story of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion of the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, comprised of Asian-American soldiers who helped liberate the Dachau concentration camp. It is also the story of two very different peoples – Jews and Americans of Japanese ancestry – who shared common experiences as victims of government-sanctioned oppression, racism and prejudice during WWII.
Subject(s): Liberation; Dachau; Hawaii; Japanese
Vendor: Direct Cinema Limited


From Kaiser to Fuehrer
30 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00248
The story of the ill-fated Weimar Republic, the dream of progressive Germans.
Subject(s): History – Rise of Nazism
Vendor: McGraw-Hill Training System

From Out of the Ashes
29 min / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00502
A video centering around the First World Gathering of Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem. The film presents a first-hand view of Jewish pre-Holocaust society and
culture in Europe through the eyes of two survivors who “re-met” at the Gathering.
Subject(s): survivors
Vendor: Phoenix Films & Video

From the Ashes
35 min / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00357
This video and its companion, “Past and Present,” are two personal testaments about the death camp Sobibor by Tom Blatt, a survivor of the camp and one of the organizers of the uprising that took place there. The viewer is taken back to the Sobibor of the present where scant mention is made of the thousands of Jews who were killed there and where a Catholic Church has been built on its grounds. Mr. Blatt returns to his home town in Poland, to his boyhood house, and speaks to townspeople who recall his family that perished during the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Concentration Camp; Sobibor; Polish People
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Fuhrer Gives a City to the Jews
23 min / B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00354
This film was produced during the summer of 1944 by Germany’s Ministry of Propaganda about Theresienstadt, the model ghetto established by the Nazis in 1941. It was intended to be used to show the International Red Cross and the world that Jews were being well treated in the camps. This is the only film known to have been made by the Germans inside any operating concentration camps; it is, however, an elaborately staged film presenting a completely false picture of camp life. Upon completion, the director and most of the cast of prisoners were shipped to Auschwitz. Only a few survived to attest to the falsity of the film, which has renewed significance in the face of Holocaust Revisionism. This film is incomplete and the restoration segment of all extant fragments was done by the National Center for Jewish Film. German with English sub-titles.
Subject(s): German Propaganda; Theresienstadt; Concentration Camp; Red Cross
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
95 min / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00012
Set in Italy in the late 1930’s, this film relates the gradual destruction of an aristocratic Jewish family due to Mussolini’s anti-Semitic edicts, and their own detachment.
Subject(s): Fiction; Holocaust in Italy; Italian Fascism
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

52 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00016
A documentary film that tells the inhumane story of Hitler’s “final solution.” Set within the historic frame, from 1920 to 1945, this film exposes the methodical insanity of the Nazi era. Interviews with death camp survivors as well as Germans who were directly involved in implementing the “final solution.” (Part of the “World at War” series.)
Subject(s): Final Solution; Survivors
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League


Genocide (Story of Man’s Inhumanity To Man)
90 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00020
Produced by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, this film using documentary film and photographs and a moving narration by Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor presents one of the best introductions to the subject. It is recommended for audiences who are not familiar with the subject matter as well as for a knowledgeable audience.
Subject(s): Final Solution; Holocaust History
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Germany Awake
90 min / B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00018
A documentary on the German motion picture and its use as a propaganda tool. It shows how the Germans used both documentary and entertainment films for propaganda purposes. Commmentary and subtitles are in English.
Subject(s): Nazi Propaganda
Vendor: International Historic Films

The Great Dictator
128 minutes / BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00564
This is Charlie Chaplin’s classic 1940 film satirizing the Hitler dictatorship during World War II.
Subject(s): Adolf Hitler
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Hanna’s War
148 minutes / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00570
This film, featuring Ellen Burstyn and Anthony Andrews, re-enacts the story of Hannah Senesh, the Haganah heroine who parachuted into Nazi occupied Hungary during World War to rescue Jews, losing her own life at the hands of the Nazis.
Subject(s): Hannah Senesh; Nazi Genocide; Hungary; Docu-drama
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Hannaleh’s Rescue
25 minutes / 7th Grade + / VHs / VCH00588
The story of a little Jewish girl, Hannaleh, and her family, from the time of her arrival in the Ghetto until she was smuggled to safety. The story is a first step in learning about the Holocaust, familiarizing the child with the history of the period in a manner appropriate for his-her age.
Subject(s): Ghettos; survivors; children in the Holocaust; concentration camps
Vendor: Yad Vashem

Hatikvah the Hope
48 minutes / B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00472
This 1936 documentary was produced by the German Zionist Union to inspire German Jews under Nazi rule to emigrate to Palestine. It focuses on the ideological challenges Palestine presented to Jews to reclaim the land through physical and spiritual commitment. The political obstacles are significantly omitted from the presentation.
Subject(s): Palestine; Zionism; Aliyah; German Jews
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Heil Hitler! Confessions of Hitler Youth
30 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00317
A shocking true story based on the book by Alfons Heck, recalling how he became a high ranking member of the Hitler Youth during World War II. Along with 8,000,000 other German children, he pledged his life to Hitler as an impressionable ten-year-old. Could it happen today? “Of course,” says Heck.
Subject(s): Hitler Youth; Nazism
Vendor: Ambrose Video Publishing

Hitler: A Career
150 min / Color & B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00122
This is based on the best-selling book “Hitler” by Joachim C. Fest. It chronicles from a documentary viewpoint how the career of Hitler changed the world.
Subject(s): Hitler; History of Nazism
Vendor: Coronet Feature Video Survivor & Shuster School Group


Hitler: Anatomy of a Dictatorship
23 minutes / BW 7th Grade + / VHS / VCH00516
A documentary featuring archival and newsreel footage and depicting the rise to power of the Nazi dictatorship and of Adolf Hitler from the 1920s through World War II.
Subject(s): Hitler; Nazism
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Hitler – Heroes & Tyrants
of the 20th Century
55 minutes / BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00509
A documentary depicting the ruthlessness of Hitler and his totalitarian regime.
Subject(s): Hitler; totalitarianism
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Hitler: Revenge To Ruin
24 min / B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00035
Traces Hitler’s career from the fall of France to Hitler’s suicide.
Subject(s): Hitler – Career
Vendor: Simon & Schuster

Hitler’s Germany (1933-1936)
20 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS Film / VCH00139
Starting as a very small group in the 1920’s, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party managed through political persecution and violence to take over Germany by 1933. The film describes that period, the subsequent reoccupation of the Rhineland in 1936, the persecution of the Jews, and the growth of the Nazi propaganda machine under Joseph Goebbels.
Subject(s): History – Rise of Nazism
Vendor: Films Inc.

Hitler’s Henchmen
60 min / B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00241
Graphic horrors of Nazi inhumanity are shown through the horrible reality of Nazi camps during WWII.
Subject(s): Nazi War Crimes; Concentration Camps
Vendor: Filmic Archives

Hitler: The Road to Revenge
24 min / Color & B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00036
A psychological portrait that traces Hitler’s rise to power. This film ends with the fall of France.
Subject(s): Hitler’s Rise to Power
Vendor: Simon & Schuster

Hitler: The Whole Story – The Early Years
50 minutes / Color & BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00506
The first part of a documentary trilogy analyzing Hitler’s career, this focuses on his early years and an discussion of the factors behind his successful rise to power.
Subject(s): Hitler; Nazism’s rise to power
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Hitler – The Whole Story: The Rise of the Reich
50 minutes / Color & BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00507
The second part of a documentary trilogy about Hitler’s career which examines the consolidation of his power and his build-up of the Nazi totalitarian state.
Subject(s): Hitler; Nazi Totalitarian state
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Hitler – The Whole Story: The War Years
50 minutes / Color & BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00508
This 3rd part of a documentary trilogy of Hitler’s career concentrates on the Nazi military strategy during World War II as well as on the genocidal atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis.
Subject(s): Hitler; World War II; genocide
Vendor: Social Studies School Service


The Holocaust
23 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00285
A review of documents, authentic films and photographs of the Holocaust. Episodes of Jewish resistance to the Nazi regime are depicted during a visit to Yad Vashem, the Jerusalem museum built as a memorial to both the victims of the Holocaust and the heroes of the Ghetto resistance.
Subject(s): Resistance
Vendor: Sisu Home Entertainment, Inc.

24 minutes / BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00578
A historic overview of Nazi genocide from 1933-1945, from Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, through the book burnings, the Nuremberg Laws, Kristallnacht, the Evian Conference, ghettoization, concentration camps and Jewish resistance. Much of the film footage was shot by the Nazis themselves.
Subject(s): genocide; Nazi Persecution; Holocaust
Vendor: Ergo Media

The Holocaust and Bioethics – When Research is Evil
56 min / Color Selected Audience / VHS / VCH00365
A documentary based on the recent conference, The Meaning of the Holocaust for Bioethics. The tape explores the ethical problems concerning the use of data from Nazi “experiments” performed on concentration-camp victims.
Subject(s): concentration-camps; ethics
Vendor: University of Minnesota

The Holocaust and the Resistance
22 min / Color JHS+ / VHS FSH 121 / VCH00067
This filmstrip depicts life in Europe before, during and after WWII. The visuals consist of pastel paintings by Simon Balitski, a concentration camp survivor whose personal recollections are also contained in the correlated narration.
Subject(s): Artist – Survivor
Vendor: Educational Audio Visual, Inc.

The Holocaust and Yad Vashem
30 min / Color and B/W Adult / VHS / VCH00346
This painful but vital memorandum traces the history of Nazism from its earliest roots in Germany of 1918. Through a collection of miraculously precise and enlightening photographs and footage, we are given a look into the rich cultural, religious and social world of the Jews in Eastern Europe, destroyed forever in the fires of the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Nazism; Pre-war Europe; Yad Vashem
Vendor: Israel Video

The Holocaust in a Catholic Educational Setting
28 min / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00369
Three faculty members discuss why and how they incorporate Holocaust studies into the curriculum at the College of Saint Elizabeth. Strategies and resources for courses and for special weeks of Holocaust remembrance are provided.
Subject(s): Teaching; Catholic Education
Vendor: CSE-TV Productions

The Holocaust: – In Memory of Millions
90 minutes / Color 7th Grade+ / VHS / VCH00574
This overall history of the Holocaust, hosted by Walter Cronkite, introduces viewers to the Holocaust Memorial Museum by tracing the gradually escalating horror of being Jewish under the Nazis.
Subject(s): Holocaust; Nazi Persecution
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Holocaust: Liberation of Auschwitz
19 minutes / Color & BW Adult/ VHS / VCH00559
A video documenting the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops on January 27, 1945. It presents both the graphic scenes at the time of the entry of the Soviet troops as well commentary about details of the atrocities inflicted on the camp’s victims by the Nazis. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR UNPREPARED AUDIENCES.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Social Studies School Service


Holocaust – Part I
150 minutes / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00572a
The first part of the NBC feature film about Nazism and genocide spanning the years 1935-1945. It features James Woods, Meryl Streep and Michael Moriarty.
Subject(s): Holocaust; genocide; Nazi Germany; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Holocaust – Part II
150 minutes / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00572b
The second part of the NBC feature film about Nazi Germany and genocide spanning the years 1935-1945 and starring James Woods, Meryl Streep and Michael Moriarty.
Subject(s): Holocaust; Genocide; Nazi Germany; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Holocaust – Part III
150 minutes / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00572c
The 3rd part of the NBC feature film about Nazi Germany and genocide spanning the years 1935-1945, and starring James Woods, Meryl Streep and Michael Moriarty.
Subject(s): Holocaust; Genocide; Nazi Germany; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Holocaust: The Death Camps, 1935-1945
17:08 Minutes / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00550
A historical survey of the evolotion of Nazi Germany’s policy of the genocide of Europe’s Jews from its earliest manifestations to the liberation of the camps at the end of World War II.
Subject(s): Genocide; Nazi persecution
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Holocaust: The Seeds of the Holocaust, 1933-1935
16:25 Minutes (Module I) / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00549
A historical survey of the early period in Nazi Germany, including the legal and political events in Germany after the Nazi assumption of power.
Subject(s): Nazi Germany; History
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Holocaust: The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
16:00 Minutes / Color
General Audience / VHS / VCH00551
A historical survey of the capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann, the SS colonel in charge of Nazi Germany’s extermination of the Jews of Europe, in 1960-1961.
Subject(s): Adolf Eichmann; genocide; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Holocaust Through Our Own Eyes
58 min / HS+ / VHS / VCH00422
Documentary edited from personal interviews with nearly 50 eyewitnesses-refugees, camp survivors, individuals in hiding, non-Jewish citizens of Nazi-occupied Europe, and liberators recounts their painful experiences and chronicles the history of the Holocaust through their first-hand accounts.
Subject(s): Survivors; Liberation; Testimony
Vendor: Midwest Center for Holocaust Education, Inc.

11 min / B/W Adult / VHS / VCH00327
While visiting relatives in Horodok, a Polish “shtetl” between Minsk and Vilna, the American amateur filmmaker, Joseph Shapiro, recorded his impressions on film. As he films people on foot, women at work, schools, markets, wooden houses, farm animals and horsedrawn wagons, a portrait emerges of a poor but pious way of life. This is a silent film.
Subject(s): Jewish Life – Pre-Holocaust; Lithuania
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film


Hotel Terminus
267 min / Color 7 B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00225
This documentary traces the life and 40-year manhunt for Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, a ruthless SS interrogator known as the “Butcher of Lyons.” It exposes the complex web of political intrigue, collaboration, and deceit that enabled Barbie to remain underground until 1983, when he was finally brought to trial.
Subject(s): Klaus Barbie; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Zenger Video

How Hitler Lost the War
67 minutes / Color & B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00520
The video uses documentary film footage and interviews with German, British and American military figures and historians to examine different interpretations of the reasons for Nazi Germany’s downfall. It advances the idea that the war was more lost by Hitler than won by the Allies.
Subject(s): World War II; military history
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

How the Nazis Came to Power
17 min / B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00457
The film analyzes the social, economic, political and psychological forces at work in Germany after its World War I defeat and humiliation, which help to explain the appeal and success of Nazism and how Nazism’s message found willing followers among the mass of the German people.
Subject(s): Nazism; Weimar Republic
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

The Hunt for Adolf Eichmann
100 minutes / Color 7th Grade + / VHS / VCH00515
A documentary narrated by Gregory Peck detailing the manhunt for Adolf Eichmann, the SS officer in charge of carrying out the “Final Solution of the Jewish Problem.”
Subject(s): Eichmann; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

I Never Saw Another Butterfly
30 min / BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00432
The film is based on the book of the same title containing the drawings and poems of the children at Terezin concentration camp in Czechoslovakia during 1942-44. The program contains documentary film shot in Prague and at Terezin, and presents a fictionalized account of the Terezin children who survived the war. (Film is poor quality)
Subject(s): Terezin; Theresienstadt; children; Czechoslovakia
Vendor: Alden Films

Image Before My Eyes
90 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00031
This film recreates Jewish life in Poland from the late 19th Century through the 1930’s, a unique and now vanished era. Through rare films, photographs, memorabilia, music, and interviews with survivors of the lost culture, the film brings to life the full range of the Jewish experience in the years before the disaster.
Subject(s): Jewish Life in Poland Pre-World War II
Vendor: Zenger Video

In Dark Places
90 min 58 min / Color JHS+ / Film VHS / VCH00123
This film explores the attempts of a few children of survivors to come to terms with the Holocaust. The film’s major premise is that we are all children of the Holocaust, and it drives home that fact with great sensitivity. It includes interviews with survivors as well as the second generation.
Subject(s): Survivors; Anti-Semitism; Human Rights
Vendor: Phoenix Films and Video, Inc.

In Memory of the Polish Jews
10 min / Color JHS+ / VHS Slide Sets / VCH00178
This video is of photographs of the Jews in Poland, taken by private photographers and also from the collections of the Central Nazi War Crimes Commission, Jewish Historical Institute Mechanical Documentation Center.
Subject(s): Poland; Ghettos
Vendor: Donation


In Our Hands: The Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in World War II
60 min / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00610
Documentary about the heroic work of this unit in the closing years of World War II and of its rescue work with Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Rescue; Survivors
Vendor: Chuck Olin Associates, Incorporated

In The Beginning
30 min / B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00445
This is a story about a teacher in the Warsaw Ghetto, who insists on celebrating the festival of “Simchat Torah.” (Film is poor quality)
Subject(s): Warsaw Ghetto; Fiction
Vendor: Alden Films

In the Presence of Mine Enemies
96 minutes / color
General Audience / VHS / VCH00602
A full-feature film starring Armin Mueller-Stahl about a Jewish family’s tribulations in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943.
Subject(s): Warsaw Ghetto; Nazi Genocide; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

In Their Words
30 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00124
This award winning tape was produced by the Southeastern Florida Holocaust Memorial Center and contains excerpts from interviews of Holocaust suvivors and American soldiers who participated in the liberation of the extermination camps in Europe during World War II.
Subject(s): Liberators; Survivors
Vendor: S.E. Florida Holocaust Memorial Center

Inside the Reich: Germany 1940-44
52 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00236
Part of the “World at War series,” which incorporates interviews with former soldiers, civilian accounts, and actual newsreel footage from the war.
Subject(s): History – World War II
Vendor: HBO Video

Interrogation in Budapest
60 min / BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00434
Dramatization of the story of Hannah Szenes, who in 1944 at age 23 parachuted into Nazi-occupied Europe to rescue Jewish children and was captured, interrogated and executed. (Film in poor quality)
Subject(s): Szenes, Hannah; rescue; Hungary; Docu-drama
Vendor: Alden Films

Ioannina Athens Jerusalem (in Hebrew)
30 min / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00335
This video describes a Balkan Romaniot community which is found in northwest Greece. The viewer meets a number of Jews, survivors of the Holocaust, who returned after the war. They talk about their unique community which had been vibrant and full of Jewish life. The route from Ioannina to Jerusalem passes through Athens. There the viewer sees the Jewish Museum and the new wing which had just been dedicated. This film on Greek Jews of today ends with an interview with a Righteous Gentile leader and a Jewish leader living in Athens. It was made in Israel and gives a complete picture of the present and distinctive traditions of the Romaniot Jews.
Subject(s): Greek Jews; Ioannina; Athens; Jerusalem; Sephardim
Vendor: Israeli Institute for Jewish Films

Is There Poetry After Auschwitz?
60 min / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00425
This video asks if art can convey and interpret the emotional truth of the Holocaust. Through interviews with the artist, Vivienne Hermann, interspersed with images of her work, comments from her adult son, pre-war family photographs, and personal letters, the film responds with a resounding “Yes!”
Subject(s): Survivors; Art
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

The Itinerary of Eli Wiesel: From Sighet to Jerusalem
60 min / B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00438
An autobiographical documentary of the author’s life. (Film is poor quality)
Subject(s): Wiesel, Elie
Vendor: Alden Films


It Was Nothing . . . It Was Everything
25 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00608
The video features the story of how some of the friends of the 650,000 Jews in Greece at the time of the Nazi occupation courageously tried to help their neighbors. In the end, ninety percent of the Greek Jewish community perished.
Subject(s): Greek Jews; Righteous Gentiles
Vendor: Documentaries International Film & Video Foundation

63 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00203
While Anne Frank was being hidden in an attic in Amsterdam, another Jewish family was similarly sheltered in a small Dutch village. However, this story had a happy ending. The Ten Brink family was saved by an extraordinary Christian woman, Jacoba Omvlee, who hid them in a tiny attic in her windmill. For three years this devout Calvinist risked her own life and the lives of her eight children to defy both the Nazis and local Dutch collaborators.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles; Netherlands; Docu-drama
Vendor: Filmmakers Library

James Ingo Freed: The Architecture of the Holocaust Memorial Museum
45 minutes / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00592
A biographical portrait of the architect of Washington D.C.’s U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Subject(s): Holocaust Memorial Museum
Vendor: Hermine Freed Video Productions

Janovska: The Camp at Lvov
52 min / Color & B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00374
Between 1941 and 1944, 200,000 Jews who made up one-third of the Jewish population of Galicia, were taken to the Nazi labor camp, Janovska, on the outskirts of Lvov. In 1990 a few of the survivors returned to the scene of the mass murders in an effort to reconstruct the horrors of the past. First-hand testimonies appear in this video, including those of Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and Rabbi David Kahane, Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Air Force (Retired). English and Hebrew and Yiddish with English sub-titles.
Subject(s): Nazi Labor Camp, Janovska; Survivors; Galacia; Poland
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault
78 minutes / Color JHS + / VHS / VCH00535
A documentary film featuring 10 historians from Europe and North America and over 20 Jehovah’s Witness survivors which tells the story of the persecution of the Witnesses by the Nazi regime.
Subject(s): Jehovah’s Witnesses; Nazi persecution
Vendor: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.

Jewish Community of Salonika
11 min / B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00072
The film is based on historical photos from the period preceding the Second World War and describes the Jewish community of Salonika. The film shows the life of a typical family, the community with its various groups, the network of charitable institutions and the famous port of Salonika, where the majority of dock workers were Jews.
Subject(s): Salonika; Sephardic Jewry; Jewish History
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Jewish Life in Bialystok
9 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00027
This video was produced in Poland in 1938-39. It captures the spirit of Jewish life in Bialystok as it shows people engaged in the realities of daily existence. This film is part of a series of six short travelogues about urban Jewish communities in Poland, before World War II.
Subject(s): History Jews of Eastern Europe; Bialystok; Pre-War
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Films

Jewish Life In Vilna
10 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00254
This video is a rare film document produced in Poland in 1939. It captures the spirit of Jewish life in pre-World War II Vilna. In Yiddish with English subtitles, this film shows people engaged in the rituals and realities of daily existence. It includes Vilna’s famous landmarks – the Strashun Library and the YIVO Institute among others. It is part of a series of six short travelogs about urban Jewish communities in Poland, produced in 1938-39.
Subject(s): Pre-war Jewish life; Vilna
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Films


The Jewish Wife
29 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00224
Set in Germany in 1936, this thoughtful, poignant film conveys the personal trauma experienced by a 42-year-old Jewish woman, Judith, who decides she must leave her country, her home and her Aryan husband, Fritz, a surgeon. Torn between the love she once felt for her husband and the hatred she now feels toward him and the Nazi regime he cannot or will not fight, Judith personifies the pain, bewilderment and courage of the German Jews who fled from the sound of marching stormtroopers and Hitler’s ranting over the radio.
Subject(s): Nazi Germany: Persecution; Fiction
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

The Jews of Poland (5 cities)
50 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00181
In 1939, filmmakers Y. and S. Goskind visited six Jewish communities in Poland in an effort to record the vitality of Jewish life. Little did they suspect that their film recordings would be one of the last visual accounts of a once vibrant world. One of the films has been lost, but the remaining five are finally being made available to the public. The video has a new English translation of the films about the Jewish communities of Bialystok, Lvov, Krakow, Vilna and Warsaw.
Subject(s): Jewish Life – Poland; Pre-War
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

Joseph Schultz
13 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00047
Schultz, a soldier in the Nazi army, has been a “good soldier” following orders. Yet, one day when he is ordered to take his place as a member of a firing squad and execute a group of villagers, he refuses to raise his rifle. Forced to choose between killing or being killed, Schultz joins the villagers and is executed with them. This is a dramatization of an event interspersed with black and white photographs of the actual events.
Subject(s): War Crimes – Responsibility; Docu-drama
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

A Journey Back
60 min / B/W – Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00451
A personal documentary of Jack Garfein, a Holocaust survivor and Broadway producer, of his experiences during World War II. He visits his former family home in Bardejov (formerly Czechoslovakia) as well as the Auschwitz extermination camp, which he was the only member of his family to survive.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; survivors; Czechoslovakia
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Journey Into Life (Part I)
130 minutes (3 Cassettes) / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00532
In this first of a three-part video, the film follows the story of Gerhard Durlacher, a child-survivor of the Auschwitz extermination camp who after being in a Displaced Persons Camp in Germany after 1945 eventually settled in Holland. The film explores the problems of starting a new life after having been through the hell created by the Nazis.
Subject(s): survivors; Displaced Persons; genocide
Vendor: National Center of Jewish Film

Journey Into Life (Part II)
130 minutes (3 cassettes) / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00533
This second of a three-part documentary explores the experiences of Yehuda Bacon as a child survivor of the Auschwitz extermination camp in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany. It examines the problems he had to face after the liberation and traces his resettlement in Israel.
Subject(s): survivors; Displaced Persons; genocide
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

Journey Into Life (Part III)
130 minutes (3 cassettes) / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00534
This third part of a three-part documentary explores the experiences and problems faced by a child survivor of the Auschwitz extermination camp in a Displaced Persons camp in post-World War II Germany. It follows the story of Ruth Kluger, the problems she faced after liberation and her eventual immigration to the United States.
Subject(s): survivors; Displaced Persons; genocide
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film


The Journey of the Butterfly
62 minutes / BW/Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00546
This documentary weaves together the music, art, poetry and history of the children imprisoned by the Nazis in the ghetto at Terezin in Czechoslovakia from 1941 to 1945.
Subject(s): ghettos; Terezin; art; children
Vendor: U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Journey to Prague
28 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00184
In 1939 Nazi encroachment forced Otto Lowy to leave his home in Prague. He never saw his family again. This film documents Lowy’s return to his native city, giving eloquent testimony to the Holocaust’s power to haunt those who survived.
Subject(s): Prague; Survivors
Vendor: Films, Inc.

Judgment at Nuremberg
187 minutes (2 cassettes) / BW General Audience / VHS / VCH00505
This is the thought-provoking all-star film centered around the post World War II Nuremberg trials of German judges who upheld the Nazi laws involving horrendous abuses of basic human rights. The juxtaposition of the pressures the defendants claimed they were under with that imposed on the American judge at the trials form the basis of the conflict in this powerful film, which features Spencer Tracy, Judy Garland and Burt Lancaster.
Subject(s): Nazi War Crimes; Nuremberg Trials; Docu-drama
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Just A Diary
25 min / Color & B/W HS / VHS / VCH00384
This video chronicles the life story of Anne Frank from the perspective of a 17-year-old Dutch girl who played the part of Anne in a recent stage performance. Following a brief interview with the young actress and a scene from her play, this program combines historical footage and photos from the Franks’ family album to familiarize viewers with Anne’s life, the persecution of the Jews under Hitler, and the horrors of the Nazi camps.
Subject(s): Anne Frank; Holland; Dutch
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

94 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00197
A riveting profile of a young Jewish activist coming to terms with his father’s traumatic past during the Holocaust and the legacy of the struggle passed onto him. Yossi Klein is the young man who brings back the memory of his father Zoltan, a radiant and charming Hungarian Jew who escaped the round-up of Jews, hid out, and was spared the horrors of the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Second Generation; Hungary; Escape
Vendor: Facets Multimedia, Inc.

Kitty – Return to Auschwitz
82 min / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00033
Kitty Hart, a survivor who lived in the camp between the ages of 16 and 18 returns to tell others and to try to understand what happened there.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; Survivors
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

118 min / Color HS / VHS / VCH00415
This video tells the true story of Janusz Korczak, a renowned physician and author, who ran a home for Jewish orphans in 1930’s Warsaw. After the German invasion of Poland, friends urge Korczak to flee the country. But Korczak refuses to abandon his children and so must move his orphanage into the Warsaw ghetto. As the war continues, it becomes plain that despite Korczak’s tireless efforts, the children will be deported to concentration camps. Yet Korczak vows to remain with them until the end. Polish with English sub-titles.
Subject(s): Warsaw; Children; Poland; Fiction
Vendor: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Kovno Ghetto – A Brief History
100 minutes / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00601
The video pieces together the story of the Jews of Kovno, Lithuania from the first stirrings of World War II to the annihilation of the ghetto just days before the city’s liberation.
Subject(s): Ghettos; Nazi Genocide; Lithuania
Vendor: Zenger Media


Krasnodar – Trial of 1943
55 min / Color & B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00221
Krasnodar, a city of 500,000 inhabitants 1000 miles from Moscow and 2000 miles from Berlin, was occupied by the Germans on August 8, 1942, and liberated on February 13, 1943. During this six month period thirteen thousand Soviets were murdered by the Nazis, beginning with and including every member of the Jewish community. In July 1943, the Soviet authorities convened the first World War II war crimes trial in Krasnodar. This film features the testimony both of eyewitnesses and of the Russian war crimes defendants.
Subject(s): Nazi War Crimes – Krasnodar (Russia)
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

60 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00145
Produced by Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. Documentary footage and interviews with survivors of Kristallnacht.
Subject(s): Kristallnacht; Survivors
Vendor: Brookdale Community College

Kristallnacht: The Journey from 1933-1988
60 min / Color & B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00156
This video is narrated by Eric Sevareid on the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Included are personal testimonies and archival film footage.
Subject(s): Kristallnacht
Vendor: WETA

Ladies’ Tailor
92 minutes / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00475
This film, produced in the Soviet Union in 1990 deals with the lives and extermination of 96,000 Jews of Kiev at the ravine of Babi Yar in 1941. The video uses a particular Jewish tailor in Kiev as the device for conveying its story.
Subject(s): Babi Yar; Kiev; genocide; Docu-drama
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Land of the Demons
45 min / Color General Audience / VHA / VCH00383
Fielding reports from correspondents in the smoky streets of Sarajevo and at Serbian artillery positions in the hills around the city, Peter Jennings provides a clear introduction to the long- standing hatreds that haunt the region formerly known as Yugoslavia, reviews historical alliances that have aggravated tensions there, and analyzes European and American hesitancy to become militarily involved.
Subject(s): Sarajevo; Serbia; Genocide; Yugoslavia
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Last Chapter
85 min / B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00057
500 years of Jewish life in Poland. Actual records of Polish events on film.
Subject(s): Poland – Jewish Life
Vendor: Ben-Yar Production

The Last Jews of Radauti
25 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00179
In this black-and-white film one finds a study of Jews in a small Rumanian town. We meet the members of this dwindling community including the rabbi and shochet. We experience intimate expressions of Jewish life – preparation for the Sabbath, making challah and immersion in the mikvah.
Subject(s): Rumania; Jewish Culture
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

The Last Klezmer
84 minutes / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00562
The video traces the life of Leopold Kozlowski, a master Klezmer musician. Kozlowski revisits scenes from his past evoking memories of his childhood and of the atrocities committed upon members of his family by the Nazis.
Subject(s): Nazi War Crimes; Klezmer Music; survivors
Vendor: Social Studies School Service


The Last Rabbi
30 minutes / B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00443
A story based on actual documents left by Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto that relates how the last surviving rabbi refused to accept an opportunity to escape death at the hands of the Nazis. (Film is poor quality)
Subject(s): Warsaw Ghetto; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Alden Films

The Last Sea
90 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00112
When Holocaust survivors realized that they had no home to return to, nor families to welcome them, thousands set out on the perilous journey to Israel. They traveled by truck, train and on foot over the Alps. They had to cross the sea on dangerous, overcrowded ships. The faces of the witnesses are never shown, only their voices are heard, as they retell stories of survival and redemption.
Subject(s): Survivors; Displaced Persons; “Illegal” Immigration to Israel
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

The Last Seven Days of Anne Frank
75 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00206
This television documentary begins where Anne Frank’s diary left off. Willy Lindwer found and interviewed eight women who were with Anne Frank and her family during the final months of her life at the Westerbork, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps.
Subject(s): Survivors; Concentration Camps; Bergen-Belsen; Auschwitz; Westerbork; Anne Frank
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Legacy – Children of Holocaust Survivors
23 min / Color HS+ / VHS Film / VCH00128
Five adults whose parents survived the Holocaust and the terrors of the camps discuss the effects their parents’ experiences had on their own lives.
Subject(s): Second Generation; Survivors
Vendor: Films Inc.

The Legacy of Anne Frank
30 min / B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00444
A documentary featuring interviews with Dutch citizens and captured German films of the Nazi occupation of Holland. Appearing in the film is Anne’s father, Otto Frank, the only family member to survive the Holocaust. (Film in poor quality)
Subject(s): Anne Frank; Holland
Vendor: Alden Films

A Legacy of Goodness
30 minutes / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00595
This video chronicles the return visit of Ruth Kapp to the French Christian family who hid her from the Nazis during the World War II occupation.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles; Hidden Children; survivors; France
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Legacy of Nuremberg
50 Minutes / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00545
A documentary program examining the moral and ethical issues involved in dealing with war crimes.
Subject(s): Nuremberg Trials; War Crimes
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Les Miserables
175 minutes / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00565
This film transplants Victor Hugo’s novel to France during World War II, and shifts its focus to the plight of Holocaust victims seeking to elude capture by the Nazis. It stars Jean-Paul Belmondo and is in French with English subtitles.
Subject(s): Nazi persecution; World War II; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service


100 min / B/W HS / VHS / VCH00421
This video combines film footage, period music and radio broadcasts. It starts in 1942 as Hitler was at the height of his power and the Allies began envisioning a cross-channel invasion of Europe. The film addresses two themes: the dramatic story of the battle waged on two fronts during the war – the Allied campaign to liberate Europe and Adolf Hitler’s genocidal war against the Jews. The film reaches its climax with the dramatic liberation of Paris, the Benelux countries and the death camps, through to V-E Day.
Subject(s): Liberation; World War II
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Liberation of Auschwitz (1945)
55 min / Color & B/W HS+ / VHS / VCH00222
This documentary, produced to mark the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz, contains previously unreleased film material of the event as well as an interview with the eyewitness Soviet cameraman, Alexander Vorontsov. The film footage shot by the Soviets between January 27 and February 28 in Auschwitz and Birkenau, provides irrefutable evidence of the Nazi crimes.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; Liberation; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

The Liberation of KZ Dachau
94 min / Color HS / VHS / VCH00328
A documentary that chronicles the personal and intimate stories of the soldiers who first entered the concentration camp at Dachau on April 29, 1945. The sheer horror they found there was so overwhelming that the battle-hardened soldiers broke down before the 32,000 remaining survivors left at the camp. This story tells how one event brought home the true meaning of the war and why so many fought and died.
Subject(s): Concentration Camps; Dachau; Liberation
Vendor: Strong Communications

The Life of Anne Frank
25 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00148
This documentary provides historical background to the Diary of Anne Frank. Germany, where she was born in 1929; anti-Semitism as a plank in Nazi policy; persecution of Jews in Holland after the German conquest; the family’s clandestine existence until it was betrayed and Anne was deported to Bergen-Belsen. This program provides the focus for the understanding of the Holocaust, Fascism, anti-Semitism and racism.
Subject(s): Holland; Nazi Anti-Semitism; Concentration Camps; Anne Frank
Vendor: Films for Humanities Inc.

The Life that Disappeared
19 min / B/W JHS+ / VHS SC-10 / VCH00142
In this companian video to his landmark exhibition and book, Dr. Roman Vishniac provides narrative for the photographs he took of a life that is no more – Eastern European Jewish life immediately prior to the Nazi Holocaust. Many of the photographs were taken surreptitiously, but in spite of the constant threat to his own life, Vishniac managed to portray the lives of ordinary Jews in an intimate way. These photographs, though, are not compelling simply because they provide a valuable historical document, but also because they reveal the sensibility of a great artist.
Subject(s): Jewish Life: Pre-World War II Poland
Vendor: The Jewish Media Service

Light and Shadow
19 min / Color General Audience / VHS 16mm / VCH00023
Among the six million who perished in the Holocaust, there were artists who had come to Paris in the 1920’s and 1930’s to live in the midst of an intellectual and artistic ferment. Fifteen artists, with their paints and brushes, each captured a personal vision of the world. Their canvases reveal the enormous talent of these artists who would soon all perish in death camps.
Subject(s): Artists in the Holocaust


Lilly: An Eyewitness Account of the Annexation of Austria
26 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00008
Holocaust survivor Lilly Dubsky visits a group of high school students to share intimate memories of the tragic disruption of her comfortable life in Vienna after Hitler invaded Austria.
Subject(s): Anschluss; Vienna

Link and the Chain
27 Minutes / BW Adult / VHS / VCH00437
A documentary tracing the origins of the Jewish community in France from medieval times through the Nazi Holocaust. (Film is poor quality)
Subject(s): France
Vendor: Alden Films

The Little Soldiers
14 min / Color & B/W JHS+ / VHS / VCH00176
This tape shows a reunion of Jewish Partisans of WWII. They meet in a forest in Israel reminiscent of the forests of Poland, Lithuania, and White Russia, where many of them fought, and tell of their experiences. (Film is poor quality)
Subject(s): Resistance
Vendor: Alden Films

Lodz Ghetto
118 min / Color & B/W General Audience / VHS / VCH00382
The voices of ordinary people confide precisely what they felt during the darkest days of Nazi persecution of Poland. Scripted entirely from the secret diaries they left behind, this film dramatically reveals how 200,000 people struggled against what seemed an unstoppable war to crush them.
Subject(s): Lodz Ghetto; Poland
Vendor: Filmic Archives

Lodz Ghetto
156 minutes / Color and BW HS+ / VHS / VCH00561
This video combines wartime footage and still photographs with color film of present-day Europe to re-create the day-to-day struggle of the inhabitants of the Lodz Ghetto. WARNING: GRAPHIC PRESENTATION OF ATROCITIES.
Subject(s): Ghettos; Lodz; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Lonely Struggle: Last Hero of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
60 minutes / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00580
Marek Edelman, a cardiologist in Lodz, is the sole surviving member of the leadership of the Warsaw Ghetto resistance. Dr. Edelman gives us an insider’s account of the few hundred Jewish youngsters who encouraged the decimated prison population to rise up against the Germans and fight to the last. Shot in Warsaw.
Subject(s): Warsaw Ghetto
Vendor: Ergo Home Video Media

The Long Way Home
116 minutes / color General Audience / VHS / VCH00607
The video documents the challenges and problems Holocaust survivors faced from the time of their liberation to the creation of the State of Israel (1945-1948).
Subject(s): Survivors; liberation
Vendor: Museum of Tolerance Book Store

The Longest Hatred:
The History of Anti-Semitism
180 min / Color Adult / VHS / VCH00351
Drawing on interviews with Semites and anti-Semites as well as prominent scholars in Europe, America, and the Middle East, this video traces anti-Semitism from its earliest manifestations in antiquity to the recent ominous outbreaks in Germany, Russia and elsewhere.
Subject(s): Anti-Semitism; Interviews – Scholars; Neo-Nazis
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Science


The Lost Children of Berlin
50 minutes / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00599
Documentary about the reunion of those students of the Grosse Hamburgerstrasse School in Berlin who had survived the Nazi Holocaust. The video weaves together the social and political events of the 1930s and 1940s detailing the Jewish life of pre-war Berlin.
Subject(s): Berlin Jews – Nazi Times; survivors; Nazi Persecution
Vendor: Social Studies School Service