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A Mother’s Shoah, The Strip Search

The strip search

The search came even before entering the ditch at the brick yards…you could never, ever forget it. They would first empty our bags completely, while comforting us with the thought that the Germans would take away the bags anyways…


Ukranian Jewish women made to strip, 1942.

Then we had to strip till we were completely naked, so a “midwife” could search inside of us, to make sure we hadn’t hidden anything there, while we had to stand on one leg… my stomach gets churning and turns inside out every time I just think about it. They would take every penny, all the documents and pictures we had. When I removed my wedding ring the policeman made a comment in a reassuring fashion, that I’d never have another one again. In turn I replied that one never knew what life had in store for each of us…

It would be such a joy to see the faces of those brutes today, when I stand under the American flag and soak in the view of the Nazi troops surrendering their arms and the Hitler Youth brigade members giving themselves up en masse, while huge American tanks roar by, dwarfing whatever the Germans have. I can’t help being amazed by them.