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Names Can Really Hurt Us
24 min / Color JHS / VHS / VCH00338
Teenagers in an ethnically diverse New York City junior high school tell of their painful experiences as victims of bullying, bigoted classmates and neighborhood kids. In role playing, they learn how to confront their tormentors. They also reveal their own prejudices and stereotypes of others. The students share their anger at being victimized and their guilt for the times they hurt others with thoughtless, sometimes cruel remarks. Their revelations lead to healing, self-confidence and the courage to challenge the bigots and bullies.
Subject(s): Prejudice; Education
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

8 min / Color JHS / VHS / VCH00491
A gentle humorous, imaginative fiction on the theme of “nimby” (not in my backyard), depicts a family of mimes that moves into an invisible house in a typical middle class neighborhood. Despite the open, warm attempts by the father, mother and son at neighborliness, the neighbors are scandalized by their differences – differences that are amusing and delightful to the audience.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Not in Our Town
27 min / Color Selected Audience, HS / VHS / VCH00466
This educational video serves as an aid in prejudice-reduction by using a case-history of an outbreak of “Aryan supremacy” in the northwestern United States as the basis of a classroom analysis of community prejudice.
Subject(s): Racial Prejudice; Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Not in Our Town (II)
57 min / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00605
A sequel to the prejudice-reduction video examining the forces at work in a town combating racial prejudice.
Subject(s): Racial prejudice
Vendor: Social Studies School Services

Operation Understanding
30 min / Color HS / VHS / VCH00337
An emotional return to roots as six African-American and six Jewish-American high school students from Philadelphia travel to Israel and Senegal, where they experience the pain and horror of the past. Before their journey, the teens felt they had nothing in common. But during their visit to Yad Vashem in Israel, they confront the Holocaust memorial to the 6,000,000 who died. While in Senegal, they visit the center of the African slave trade and tour a slave house with the Door of No Return, the place where rebellious slaves were dropped into the sea.
Subject(s): Racial Prejudice; Yad Vashem; African-Americans; Education
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

The Persistence of Racism
28 min / Color 7th Grade+ / VHS / VCH00555
This video of the “Phil Donahue Show” features an intensive discussion of racial prejudice in America and the methods that can be used to combat it.
Subject(s): Racial Prejudice; Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Personal Ethics and the Future of the World
29 min / Color Grades 7-12 / VHS / VCH00566
Activities to help students understand how personal ethics relate to reality, life, respect for self, and the future of the world. Hosted by Meg Ryan.
Subject(s): Ethics
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Point
74 min / Color 4th Grade+ / VHS / VCH00477
Set in the land of “Point,” a place where everything and everyone has a point, “The Point” tells the heartwarming tale of little Oblio, the first and only round-headed child born in the land of Point. As punishment for the crime of having no point, he and his dog Arrow are banished to the “Pointless Forest.” There they meet a number of strange and unusual creatures, all exiled to the “Pointless Forest” because they were different.
Subject(s): Cartoon; Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Baker & Taylor Entertainment

The Possible Dream?
The Quest for Racial and Ethnic Harmony in American Schools
59 min / Color 9th-12th grade / VHS / VCH00521
A round-table discussion among a multi-ethnic group of students and administrators of a school in Medford, Massachusetts which had severe racial problems. Police were summoned to restore order after a racially motivated fight broke out at the high school in December 1992.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Prejudice – Answering Children’s Questions
75 min / Color 4th Grade-8th Grade / VHS / VCH00356
Hosted by Peter Jennings, this children’s forum searches for answers to questions about why America’s “melting pot” seems to be a frying pan, with young people voicing personal experiences of prejudice against races, the disabled, or people who simply look or act differently.
Subject(s): Prejudice; Children; Education
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Prejudice Film
28 min / Color 7th Grade + / VHS / VCH00501
An educational video featuring David Hartman and aimed at analyzing the causes of prejudice.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Prejudice – Perceiving/Believing
28 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00042
This 1972 documentary, narrated by David Hartman, examines the historical origins and contemporary patterns of prejudice through a series of vignettes depicting various types of prejudice. The many manifestations of prejudice from the telling of an ethnic joke to acts of violence are discussed, as is the individual’s role in perpetuating or eradicating attitudes which result in
discrimination against racial, ethinic, and religious groups.
Subject(s): Prejudice
Vendor: Zenger Video

Prejudice: The Monster Within
30 min / Color 6th Grade+ / VHS / VCH00552
This educational video seeks to answer questions about the nature of prejudice, how it can be identified, and how we can work to end it. The program weaves interviews with middle and high school students with background examples of prejudice from slavery to the crisis in Bosnia.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Science School Service

Race, Hatred, and Violence: Searching for Solutions
22 min / Color 7th Grade + / VHS / VCH00497
This educational video aims at prejudice-reduction by illustrating racial tensions in the U.S. Focusing on the 1989 shooting of Yusef Hawkins in Brooklyn, New York and the 1990 killing of Phillip Pannell in Teaneck, New Jersey, teens from these areas discuss and debate the causes of these problems as well as their possible solutions.
Subject(s): Prejudice-Reduction; Education; Racial Tensions
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Rapmatazz: A Notebook Against Prejudice
24 min / Color JHS / VHS / VCH00339
Talented teens in the Boston Youth Theater communicate with their peers in the universal language of music, dance and drama. In cool stylized rap, the group dramatizes Four Steps to Combating Prejudice. No punches are pulled as students explore how to understand and value cultural differences, deal with fears about other groups, resist peer pressure to harass those who are different, and disapprove when others make bigoted remarks.
Subject(s): Prejudice; Education
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
46 min / Color 4th Grade-6th Grade / VHS / VCH00259
Based on the poignant, Newbery Award-winning novel by Mildred D. Taylor, this production depicts the struggle of a family of Southern black landowners during the height of the Depression. The story revolves around Cassie Logan, who doesn’t understand her parents’ attachment to their land any more than she understands Night Riders – white men who terrorize her people. Issues raised include racial equality, courage, and maintaining one’s self respect in an oppressive society.
Subject(s): Prejudice; Fiction
Vendor: Zenger Video

Scapegoating/Impact of Prejudice: Understanding Prejudice
30 min / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00498
An analysis of the roots of prejudice. Three case studies are used to examine scapegoating and to contrast it with discrimination. Interviews of victims of prejudice of diverse vocational and ethnic backgrounds are used.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction; Education
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

School Ties
110 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00500
A dramatized situation involving a student in a New England prep school and a Jewish student on a football scholarship and his confrontation with anti-Semitism. The film examines the social and peer pressures involved in
prejudice, anti-Semitism and school cheating. (NOTE: strong language, brief nudity.)
Subject(s): Anti-Semitism; Social and Peer Pressures; Prejudice
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Shadows Between Friends
30 min / Color HS / VHS / VCH00490
This drama recounts the experiences of two California high school students – Luis, born in Mexico, and Charlie, an Anglo – whose friendship is threatened by the prejudices and stereotypes of schoolmates and adult society.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Stand and Be Counted
15 min / Color JHS / VHS / VCH00496
This educational video aims to show teenagers how they can make a difference in rejecting racism. The video uses the Howard Beach, New York racial incident of 1968 and a KKK incident in Philadelphia to motivate discussion and insights.
Subject(s): Racism; Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Stereotyping/Master Race Myth
30 min / Color JHS + / VHS / VCH00504
This educational video analyzes the nature and motivations behind stereotyping and its part in the origins of prejudice.
Subject(s): Stereotyping; Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Taking a Stand
31 min / Color 7th-12th Grade / VHS / VCH00573
This open-ended ABC “Afterschool Special” exposes the issues that arise when an all-white neighborhood reacts with racism to a black family’s attempt to move in.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

To Help Someone
35 min / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00579
Documentary about psycho-social techniques in encouraging altruistic behavior.
Subject(s): Social-Psychology; Altruistic Behavior
Vendor: The Altruistic Personality Behavior Institute

To Know Where They Are
28 min / Color HS+ / VHS / VCH00200
This video explores the moral complexities of rescue during the Holocaust years. Max Randall reflects, “It is very difficult to know what you would have done under the same set of circumstances . . . I can only say I would hope to have the courage to help.” Suitable for high school and college courses and adult programs in Christian-Jewish relations.
Subject(s): Rescue – Ethics
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

The Truth About Hate
49 min / Color JHS+ / VHS/ VCH00613
This film explores the origins of hate through the eyes of today’s teenagers as they come face to face with their own racism, ethnic bigotry, religious hatred and sexual discrimination.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Aims Multimedia

Understanding Prejudice: Gripes and Common Ground
46 min / Color 7th Grade + / VHS / VCH00547
This video discusses the nature of prejudice and the effect it has on individuals and society as a whole.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Unforgettable Pen Pal: A Story about Prejudice & Discrimination
28 min / Color Grades 3-6 / VHS / VCH00558
This is an animated episode from “The Human Race Club,” a series based on a book by Joy Berry designed to foster prejudice reduction.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Valuing Diversity: Multicultural Communication
19 min / Color 7th-12th Grade / VHS / VCH00557
This program gives students practical suggestions on how to expand their “comfort zone” when communicating with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Subject(s): Prejudice Reduction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Video Vignettes: ADL – A World of Difference Training Program
11 min / Color General Audience / VHS / VCH00493
Three re-enactments of real-life situations in role-playing as a way of teaching prejudice-reduction.
Subject(s): Prejudice-Reduction; Education
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

The Wave
46 min / Color JHS+ / VHS / VCH00125
Teacher Burt Ross thinks the best way to illustrate the attitude that allowed the Germans to deny responsibility for – and the very knowledge of – the Nazi atrocities is to recreate that atmosphere for the students. He begins his own Reich and drills ideas of power, discipline and superiority into his surprisingly willing students. Based on an experiment carried out in California in 1967, this poses some difficult questions for those who believed “it can’t happen here.”
Subject(s): Holocaust Education; Mass Psychology – Dictatorship
Vendor: Films Inc.

Will Extremists Destroy the Dream?
47 min / Color HS / VHS / VCH00341
Six distinguished panelists who affirm the value of multicultural education focus on the dangers posed by extremists like Prof. Jeffries, who use Afro-
centrism and other variants of multiculturalism to disseminate racial, ethnic and religious bigotry. This video is a resource for building bridges between groups who have been polarized by demagogues.
Subject(s): Prejudice; Education
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League